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Dealer Dan, pictured here with WWE Superstar Mick Foley, has been in internet marketing since 1996. He likes hugs, long walks on the beach, and making money while wearing his jammy jams. For more information, you can read all about Dealer Dan.

This is my blog, where I usually write in a more light hearted tone. I have regular featured articles here like "T_IM" where instead of Thanking God It's Monday, I thank whatever is motivating me that week and we do a Monday motivational post!

I'll also write other articles here which I feel are a more "casual" style of writing as opposed to professional. However you'll find a lot of informative tidbits within these!

Cleantalk: What I Use to Block WordPress Comment Spam

For many years, I used Disqus on my wordpress websites when it came to comments. It seemed to do an …  Continue reading

Thank StatsDrone It’s Monday

(Apologies if you received two e-mails; one was an old one in support of Randy Ray. It seemed to get …  Continue reading

Thank Timeular It’s Monday

Been quite awhile since I wrote one of these “Thank _____ It’s Monday” articles! I said recently that I’ll only …  Continue reading

Thank Hostgator It’s Monday

Wheee – been a little while since I have written on here hasn’t it? Hope everyone is well. The last …  Continue reading

Thank Roboform It’s Monday

Not sure if I should be thanking Roboform or Statsremote actually – both programs have made for a couple of …  Continue reading

Thank Being Done Audits It’s Monday

Whew – I last wrote on here in January 2017. The article I wrote was 2017: The Year of Website …  Continue reading

Thank Pokemon Go It’s Monday

This week I’m going to dedicate the article to the incredibly popular Pokemon Go game. I’ve actually spoken to a …  Continue reading

Thank Roger It’s Monday

The gambling affiliate industry lost one of its pioneers this weekend with the passing of Roger Shriver. If you knew …  Continue reading

Thank Random Ramblings It’s Monday – Part 4

This is a continuance of a series of articles I have been writing where I’m clearing up my “Affiliate Bible …  Continue reading

Thank Random Ramblings It’s Monday – Part 3

This is part of a series of articles I am writing where I am going through my old list of …  Continue reading

Thank Random Ramblings It’s Monday – Part 2

Welcome to random ramblings part 2. In the first article I explained that I have a big list of notes …  Continue reading

Thank Random Ramblings It’s Monday – Part 1

I’ve written about it here before but all of my work revolves around “to do lists”. I have 3 sets …  Continue reading

An Ebook I was Writing – chronicling

About 4 years ago, I purchased the domain The No Deposit niche is an extremely competitive one, and I …  Continue reading

Ripoff Alert: Jon and Derek from

I wanted to make affiliates and affiliate managers/programs aware of Jon and Derek, two affiliates within the industry. These guys …  Continue reading

Thank 5pm It’s Monday

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2016 has been good to you so far. It’s funny – when you work for …  Continue reading

Thank Fallout 4 It’s Monday

I work too much, and I’m well aware of that. I don’t work for money, I don’t work because I …  Continue reading

So Disqus Doesn’t Delete Spam Comments

I’m a big fan of Disqus – well, sort of. I’m more a big fan of the idea of a …  Continue reading

Thank Sports Betting It’s Monday

(Forgot to hit publish yesterday – my bad) Over the past couple of years I’ve moved away from gambling affiliation …  Continue reading

Thank Walking It’s Monday

Man do I ever love walking. About 6 weeks ago, I decided to start running every day and focus on …  Continue reading

Thank Pebble It’s Monday

This week I’m giving thanks to the next marvel in the evolution of technology – smart watches. In particular, Pebble. …  Continue reading

Thank Apps It’s Monday

This week I’m thanking apps it’s Monday. The reason for that is there pretty much is an app for everything. …  Continue reading

Thank Chance It’s Monday

This Monday I wanted to thank the wonderful thing called Chance – both taking, and giving. I thought about it …  Continue reading

Thank Spieth It’s Monday

Thank you Jordan Spieth. Not only for putting on such a beautiful performance. Not only for winning, after I had …  Continue reading

Thank Focus It’s Monday

Focus is something that I think a lot of us take for granted, yet it’s a character trait that is …  Continue reading

Thank Age It’s Monday

Hey, remember me? Yikes. It’s been awhile since I wrote a T_IM on here. With good reason. I don’t really …  Continue reading

How To Install SSL On Your Website

In 2014, it came out that Google was using https as one of their many ranking signals. Now this is …  Continue reading

So I Got Hacked…

Murphy’s F-ing Law. In my past few T_IM articles I’ve went on and on about security for your WordPress websites, …  Continue reading

Thank Clocks It’s Monday

The clocks went back here this weekend – and man am I ever thankful. Since coming back from our trip …  Continue reading

Thank Vacation It’s Friday

Yikes – been a couple of weeks since I last wrote on here. Sorry about that. Been very busy both …  Continue reading

Thank Diversification It’s Monday

It was about 2-3 years ago where “Diversification” became a popular word amongst gambling affiliates. Many people were realizing that …  Continue reading

Thank The Fappening It’s Monday

Whew – you might have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of The Fappening. To sum it …  Continue reading

Thank Simple It’s Monday

Over the years, I’ve became a really simple person. And yes – just typing that, I know how silly it …  Continue reading

Every Website Needs A /blog/

The meaning of the word “blog” is something that has really evolved and changed over the years. Initially coined for …  Continue reading

Thank Rain It’s Monday

Man, what a crappy Summer we have been having. The weather here in Ontario has been BEYOND brutal. Usually it’s …  Continue reading

Hey Businesses – Get Your Twit Together!

Do you like my play of words? This article is about businesses being crappy on Twitter – but instead of …  Continue reading

Thank USA It’s Monday

This week I’d like to thank the United States of America, in particular their soccer team for what they have …  Continue reading

Thank Italy It’s Monday

Thank you Italy, and thank you Super Mario Balotelli for defeating England on Saturday night in the World Cup. Being …  Continue reading

Thank Rangers It’s Wednesday

By Rangers, I mean the New York Rangers. If you know me, you’ll probably be surprised by that title. I’m …  Continue reading

Thank Coke It’s Monday

I love marketing. I remember getting to pick our classes in high school when I had turned 16, and one …  Continue reading

Thank Victoria It’s Monday

I’m thanking Victoria it’s Monday because it is Victoria Day here in Canada. Honestly, I had to check Wikipedia just …  Continue reading

Thank Partnerships It’s Monday

Partnerships in the affiliate industry are an interesting thing. Most of you have probably had them. Unlike the real business …  Continue reading

The iWriter Scam

First let me state that this scam isn’t being RUN by iWriter or anything like that. This scam isn’t exclusive …  Continue reading

Thank Warrior It’s Monday

On Saturday, April 5th 2014 I was in New Orleans at the WWE Hall of Fame. Due to ridiculous amounts …  Continue reading

Thank Fools It’s Tuesday

April Fools of course. What a great day. It’s a great day because you legitimately get to be an ass …  Continue reading

Thank Peddigrew It’s Monday

I’ll get to the title of this weeks T_IM at the end of this post. Something else I would like …  Continue reading

Thank Pandora It’s Monday

It’s funny – when we think of every day software that increases our time management and productivity etc, we’re always …  Continue reading

Thank Super Bowl It’s Sunday!

Seriously – isn’t today just the greatest day? It’s something you don’t get in sports like NBA or NHL or …  Continue reading

6 Goals I Aim To Accomplish in 2014

Well 2014 is now here. While I’m not a big resolution guy, do I enjoy taking some time at the …  Continue reading

Thank Bedtime It’s Monday

Today is the first day of the Christmas holidays being over with, which means the kids are back to school. …  Continue reading

Thank Time It’s Monday (Again!)

I’d actually written a Thank Time It’s Monday article earlier this year, but it’s a positive thought that really bears …  Continue reading

Thank Bye Weeks It’s Monday

Anyone who is in a Fantasy Football League, got to the playoffs AND managed to get a bye week this …  Continue reading

Thank Coffee It’s Monday

In a weird fact about me – up until this year, I’d never drank coffee. Not once. About 70% of …  Continue reading

Thank Betting Tips It’s Monday

Whew – been awhile. How’s everyone doing? I’ll get into where I’ve been in a second, but I just want …  Continue reading

Thank Gilligan It’s Monday

Thanks Vince Gilligan for the best TV series ever. ’nuff said. With Breaking Bad over, I thought I’d go through …  Continue reading

Thank Reacher It’s Monday

Reacher Said Nothing. I am of course talking about the Jack Reacher book series, written by Lee Child. It can …  Continue reading

Thank September It’s Tuesday!

Probably my favourite month of the year, for so many reasons. First of all – the weather. I’m from Scotland, …  Continue reading

Thank Breaking Bad It’s Monday

Don’t worry, no spoilers. I haven’t actually watched last nights episode yet. Due to my wifes school schedule we probably …  Continue reading

Thank Time It’s Monday

Or lack of time awareness, to be specific. If you’re trying to get ahold of me – I’m not around …  Continue reading

Affiliate Bucket List: 11 Things To Do in 2nd Half of 2013

Well, we’re just past the 6 month mark of 2013. Halfway through the year. This is usually a good time …  Continue reading

Thank Targeted Marketing It’s Monday!

This week for T_IM I want to have a themed article – Thanking Targeted Marketing It’s Monday. It is inspired …  Continue reading

Thank Silva & Murray It’s Monday

Whew – what a weekend when it comes to sports. Without a doubt one of the most memorable weekends in …  Continue reading

Thank Canada It’s Monday

So it’s actually Wednesday as I write this – but hey it’s been a crazy few days, and today is …  Continue reading

Thank Geo-Targeting It’s Monday

Welcome to Thank Geo-Targeting It’s Monday. Geo-targeting is something that for the last couple of years I’ve taken for granted, …  Continue reading

Party Partners Blacklisted

Hi guys, Just a quick note to state that I’ve now blacklisted the affiliate program for Party Poker and their …  Continue reading

Thank Monday It’s Monday!

Whew – long time since I wrote a Thank ______ It’s Monday article. Just been crazy here the last little …  Continue reading

Thank Easter Eggs It’s Tuesday

Actually you know what – I’m NOT going to thank Easter Eggs today. I’m going to go as far as …  Continue reading

Thank Spring It’s Monday

I didn’t even realize Spring was actually hitting us until Wednesday night. I was heading downtown to the pub and …  Continue reading

TGRIM: Thank Google Reader It’s Monday

In case you missed it, Google announced that they were killing off a lot of their products. And the product …  Continue reading

Thank Bearer It’s Monday

Paul Bearer, aka William Moody of course – the ex-WWE manager died last week. I make no secret that I …  Continue reading

Thank Rousey It’s Monday

This week I am thanking the one and only Ronda Rousey. For non-UFC fans, Rousey fought in the first ever …  Continue reading

Thank Family It’s Monday

Well it’s Family Day – at least here in Canada. I don’t think you have it in most places – …  Continue reading

Thank Mexico It’s Monday

Well what else could I be thanking? For those unaware I was away for 10 days last week in beautiful, …  Continue reading

TLIM: Thank Lockouts It’s Monday

Welcome to Thank Lockouts It’s Monday. Seriously – I absolutely love lockouts. The NBA lockout last year and the NHL …  Continue reading

TSIM: Thank School It’s Monday!

Welcome to TSIM – Thank School It’s Monday. In just two short hours, I’ll be making the trek upstairs, where …  Continue reading

Thank 2012 It’s Monday!

Well it’s Monday, December 31st 2012 – what else would I be thanking but the last 365 days? It’s been …  Continue reading

TFIM: Thank Feeny It’s Monday

This week we are Thanking Feeny It’s Monday. By “Feeny” I am of course referring to the man that guided …  Continue reading

TCIM: Thank Cyber It’s Monday

Welcome to Thank Cyber It’s Monday – a great time to be an affiliate, with so many companies offering Black …  Continue reading

Chipsplit Issues: Player Detracked, Retracked to Another Affiliate

Let me preface this article by stating that this is not a recent occurrence – this issue occurred back in …  Continue reading

TWIM: Thank Whatever It’s Monday – Early Bird Edition

Welcome to Thank Whatever It’s Monday: Early Bird Edition. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote Thank The Worm It’s …  Continue reading

TTWIM: Thank The Worm It’s Monday

This week we’re thanking The Worm that it’s Monday. Now I know it’s Monday morning. Your eyes are still half-shut …  Continue reading

6 Gambling Websites I’m Building in 2013; and 3 To Avoid

One question I get asked often is “is gambling affiliation dead?”. And honestly – it’s a very fair question. If …  Continue reading

Googles September 28th EMD Update

I’m sure most of you have heard about it, but for those who haven’t – Google recently did another algorithm …  Continue reading

TFIM: Thank F It’s Monday

You can fill in the “F” with whatever you want. Fall, Football – it all counts. I’m just happy it’s …  Continue reading

Thank Affiliate Marketing It’s Wednesday!

What’s that? A Thank ______ It’s Monday on a Wednesday? WTF is going on? Well, with it being Summer, the …  Continue reading

TAMIM: Thank Andy Murray It’s Monday

I would like to thank Andy Murray for reminding me that I’m Scottish on this warm Monday morning. You see …  Continue reading

10 Features Every Affiliate Program Should Offer(But Don’t)

It seems at least once a week, a new affiliate program is appearing on the scene or an affiliate program …  Continue reading

Forum Friday Fun – July 6, 2012

I wrote one of these 2 months ago and then I just plain forgot about it, oops. Time to bring …  Continue reading

A Website Rises From the Dead

I received a rather interesting jump in hits and rankings for a dead website that I’d practically forgotten about, and …  Continue reading

TE2012IM: Thank Euro 2012 It’s Monday!

Well let’s be honest – is there seriously anything else I would be thanking at the moment, other than Euro …  Continue reading

OMG! Euro 2012 Is Almost Here!!!

The day is finally here, and I couldn’t be more excited. Euro 2012 kicks off in just 5 hours from …  Continue reading

Great Example of a Business Using Twitter Effectively

Twitter, and social networking in general, is a fascinating case study, especially when it comes to businesses, and how they …  Continue reading

June 2012: An Interesting Month for Poker Affiliates

It’s been a rough time for poker affiliates, ever since Black Friday. Hell, even before then things were rough – …  Continue reading

TACIM: Thank Air Conditioning It’s Monday

I feel like such a wuss but I don’t care – it’s only May 21st and I’m dedicating this weeks …  Continue reading

TDIM: Thank Design It’s Monday

Welcome to TDIM – Thank Design It’s Monday. This is going to be a quick article this week as the …  Continue reading

Forum Friday Fun! April 27, 2012

I don’t participate much on affiliate marketing forums anymore. There is a wide variety of reasons for that, but the …  Continue reading

THIM: Thank Hockey It’s Monday

Whew – it’s been awhile. But I’m back with my regular Monday morning motivational posts, and this week we’re Thanking …  Continue reading

Thank You Mick Foley Raffle: Wrestlemania 28 Trip Report

People throw the word “best” around a lot. “I had the best time last night.” “I had the best vacation.” …  Continue reading

Analyzing the Junk Mail!

One thing that’s great about being a marketer is you never actually have to go out of the house to …  Continue reading

TFIM: Thank Fireball It’s Monday

Welcome to TFIM: Thank Fireball It’s Monday. “Fireball?” I hear you ask. Why would I be thanking one of these? …  Continue reading

What We Can Learn From Being the “100,000th Visitor”

When researching marketing ideas, one thing you really need to look at is marketing techniques that have stood the test …  Continue reading