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Poker Affiliate Guide

Welcome to the Poker Affiliate Guide, the Poker section of Before going any further, be sure to read all the articles in the General Topics & SEO section, because they cover a wide variety of topics, and all those articles will apply to poker.

The articles in this section are specifically to poker affiliates. If you are looking for information on a specific poker affiliate program, be sure to read our poker affiliate program reviews section.

So you want to be a poker affiliate?

If you’re a beginner or new poker affiliate and still unsure about the poker affiliate world, be sure to read this introductory article to being a new poker affiliate. Being a poker affiliate ain’t easy – read about the sort of work you’re in for before starting out.  Continue reading

What Is The Best Poker Affiliate Program?

One of the most popular questions I get is “What is the Best Poker Affiliate Program”. It’s not an easy one to answer, but let’s see what we can do about helping you find the best poker affiliate program for you.  Continue reading

CPA vs Revenue Share

This article was written in early 2005 about whether to choose CPA or Revenue Share as a Poker Affiliate. I’ve left the article up for historical purposes, however I recommend you read the article below on CPA vs Revenue Share for a better perspective.  Continue reading

CPA vs Revenue Share in 2010

One of the first decisions you will have to make when signing up with a poker affiliate program is to go on CPA or Revenue Share. Read the pros & cons of both in this article to help you decide what to choose, and when.  Continue reading

Poker Affiliate Programs that Offer CPA

If you’re looking to make a quick buck, or you just aren’t convinced about the retention of a poker affiliate program, then it’s best to go on a CPA plan. I have a list that is regularly updated with all poker affiliate programs that offer CPA.  Continue reading

Poker Affiliate Programs with No Negative Carryover

No negative carryover isn’t really a big deal when it comes to poker affiliate programs – but all things being …  Continue reading

To rake or not to rakeback

In 2006 I penned this article on whether to promote rakeback or not as a poker affiliate. Since this article a lot has changed. I’ve kept it up for historical purposes, however I will be writing an update on this article shortly.  Continue reading

The Oldest Poker Affiliate Trick in the Book

…unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It’s just yet another “get rich quick” scheme tainted with failure. Be sure to read this article before you fall for this idea, and understand why it’s doomed from the get-go.  Continue reading

Monetizing a Poker Strategy Website

You can be the best poker player in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make a dime from your poker strategy website. In this article I talk about the two key factors to making money from a poker strategy website.  Continue reading

Targetting Freeroll Whores

One thing you’ll encounter as a poker affiliate is freeroll whores – run a poker tournament for your players and you’ll soon be harassed by freeroll whores wanting to join. Don’t turn them away though – you can actually make money of these parasites!  Continue reading

Excelling as a Poker Content Writer

A good way to make some money is by writing poker content. I know some people who do it for a living, others who do it part-time. Either way, if you want to last as a poker content writer you need to read this article – because there’s always people ready to charge less than you, for more words.  Continue reading

Ten Topic Ideas For Poker Forums

When running a poker forum you need to remain active at all times, and encourage people to start discussing. Here are just ten great topic ideas to kickstart your new online poker forum.  Continue reading


While this article is on Rush Poker, it’s more a general lesson: think about what you’re about to promote, and don’t “rush” to start marketing the next new thing. Pardon the Pun.  Continue reading

Promoting an Online Casino to Poker Players

Casino games are popular with poker players – just look at all the poker clients integrated with casino games like Blackjack. Cut the middle man out and start sending your poker players to an online casino.  Continue reading

Poker Affiliate Related Interviews

I’ve interviewed many people related to affiliate marketing, and you can see the full list of interviews here: Affiliate Marketing …  Continue reading