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Dealer Dan, pictured here with WWE Superstar Mick Foley, has been in internet marketing since 1996. He likes hugs, long walks on the beach, and making money while wearing his jammy jams. For more information, you can read all about Dealer Dan.

Attn: Affiliate Managers

Dear Affiliate Managers(and curious affiliates),

Unlike various other affiliate portals, I don’t accept any sponsorship deals. I don’t want $1000, $2000 or even more every month just to list your program on my site or give you an “exclusive forum”. I’ve thought about it, but at the end of the day it’s not just my “cup of tea”.

The reasons for this are simple:

#1: I’m an Honest Guy. I really am. I believe in an affiliate partnership. I would rather make money due to your affiliate program and brands being GOOD at retention and conversion because I feel that is fair for both parties.

Additionally, I don’t want the affiliate program to get the raw end of the deal. Sometimes programs just don’t convert – I don’t want you paying $5k then only getting $200 in revenue. It happens, believe me.

#2: I’m a Long-Term Guy. I would much rather work with an affiliate program in the long-term, building a partnership and making money together over accepting a dollar amount just to list you.

On top of that, I value partnerships and friendships. I would rather list an affiliate program that I trust and personally value over a program with money to burn.

#3: I Don’t Like to be Restricted. I hate it! If you pay me $5k to promote you I am going to feel obligated to promote you, whether or not you are worth the money.

If I have a top converting NFL sportsbook that didn’t sponsor, I don’t want to risk a new sportsbook come NFL season simply because they paid me money to list them. I want to make money via my own hard work and skill – not because some program is desperate for any sort of exposure, and will pay me money just to list them on my website. I could take that $5k and list them, then watch $20,000 worth of revenue go down the drain simply due to poor retention and conversion.

However – I get at least 1 email every day from an affiliate program wanting me to promote them. I don’t want to spend hours of my time writing reviews about that program and their brands, or adding them to my database. It’s a lot of work!

That’s why I have came up with a compromise – a one-time $500 fee. This payment will cover all the work that is required to add your site onto my network. Please Note: This $500 fee assumes you have a sub-affiliate program as a large portion of my revenue and earnings is derived from sub-affiliates and mentoring. If you do not then please e-mail me to discuss that.

What do you get for that $500?

  1. A full affiliate program review on
  2. Advertising on Affiliate Bible. This exposure will reach over 5,000 affiliates per month.
  3. Exposure on my main websites, plus any niche websites that I feel your site is a good fit for. This includes the likes of,,,,, and many other websites. On top of that you will receive promotion via my various mailing lists and social networking profiles.
  4. I cover Poker, Casino, Bingo and Sports so I will have room for all of your brands.
  5. Strong Marketing. I will push you strongly in the beginning as I determine the best demographics and niche to promote your websites to.

The Dealer Dan Gaming Network has over 50 websites in a variety of niche, serving over 100,000 unique visitors per month. We also have mailing lists covering a variety of demographics with over 150,000 subscribers.

if you believe in your brand and their retention and conversions then this is a no-brainer. I will bring you the traffic you are looking for. If your brand is a solid brand then we will make lots of money over the long-term together. You will also get a lot more affiliates this way.

If you are interested, please e-mail It will take approximately 2-3 weeks from receiving payment for your review to be listed, and your brand promoted on my sites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Pay via Bank Wire?

Yes but due to a fee being charged for incoming bank wires I need to charge an additional $50 for bank wire payments. I accept payment via check, instadebit, ecopayz and other wallets.

How long will you be advertising us for that $500?

For a long, long time. You will always have reviews on my websites, and for the first few months I will promote you very strongly. If you do a great job in conversions and retentions, then I will continue to promote you strongly. if conversions and retentions are weak, the promotion won’t be as strong but I will still be promoting you, and I will work with you to hopefully increase these retentions and conversions. You’ll always be promoted/listed unless you do something bad that costs you to be blacklisted.

Are there any additional costs?

Well first to clarify – there is of course revenue share on the player front, and sub-affiliate revenue from the affiliate front.

However in regard to additional payments – Nope. It’s that $500, and that’s it. I also will only work on revenue share, as I want to build partnerships and I don’t believe you can build partnerships or long-term relationships with CPA. I won’t be coming back to you in a year and saying “Okay I’ve made you a trillion dollars now I want $10k to keep promoting you”. At the very worst, if I’m bringing in a lot of money I may look at a higher revenue share percentage which is standard within the industry.

What work do I, the affiliate manager have to do?

Honestly – you don’t need to do anything. You can fork over the cash and then let me and my team do all the work.

However – I would much prefer we work together to get the best out of all the traffic that I am sending. Whether that be specific landing pages, exclusive bonuses or promos etc – I don’t want to just be sending you traffic and seeing it disappear into a black hole. I want to work together with you so we can both make lots of money together.

Is it $500 per brand, or $500 per program?

To clarify this with an example – is it $500 for Titan Casino, $500 for Titan Poker etc – or just $500 for Europartners as a whole?

It would be $500 for the affiliate program as a whole. I will initially focus on your strongest brands, however if there are places on my website suited for your brand then I will work on promoting them too.

What Countries Do You Market To?

All over. We use a geo-targeting program to target worldwide. Hello from United States! Our main countries are USA, Canada, Australia and the UK however we also receive a wide variety of traffic globally, with countries like India, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and France being dominant in our stats.

What Guarantees/Promises Do We Get From You? How many Doubloons shall we make together?

I won’t make any guarantees in regards to revenue, because that falls on the affiliate programs end. Unfortunately I’ve seen enough poor converting programs that just don’t care enough to work on increasing those conversions that I can’t make any guarantees.

However, I guarantee you I will send you a lot of targeted traffic – hundreds to thousands of potential players or affiliates per month. How many of them convert depends on how good your brands are at conversions, obviously. However I want to WORK with you to make sure we both make lots of money together. Whether it be setting up specific landing pages, or creating bonuses or promos tailored to my traffic – whatever.

You also will receive a full affiliate program review on, promotion on, a full review on and inclusion on many of our various ad spots on You will also be promoted on any other sites where I feel you are a good fit, and promoted very strongly for the first few months after payment. How strong the promotion is after 3 months will depend on the conversions/retentions of your brands but my aim is to make this extremely profitable for both of us via long-term revenue share. The initial $500 payment mainly covers the cost of including you within my portals.

Will the $500 get me a positive review?

This is not a “sponsored post” type deal at all. I will provide an honest review of your affiliate program. I will continue to update the review as I see fit, to keep it relevant for readers. If I send slots traffic to your site for example and it doesn’t convert or the retention is weak, I would update the review to mention that.

However this is not a free-for-all. I am not going to accept money to promote any program on here. Nor am I going to take your $500 and then write a negative review, bashing you. If you are a program I want to work with, or am working with and am happy with our relationship, then I will accept the money and list you. If I don’t want to work with you because I would write a negative review, I will refuse the money. If I have not worked with you previously, I will do diligent research to ensure that you are a reputable program.

What If I Don’t Pay the $500?

If you don’t pay the $500 that doesn’t mean you will NEVER be listed on Affiliate Bible or my sites. If anything, think of it as being pushed ahead in the “queue”. There are many affiliate programs that want me to promote their brands. Paying the $500 basically pushes you to the front of that line. Not all programs on Affiliate Bible paid.