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Legend Affiliates Program Review

I very rarely work with brand new affiliate programs. I have a few reliable affiliate programs that I promote, and a new program needs something special to make me want to promote them.

Sometimes that can be the casino offering something different, or something that can fit in well with my userbase. In many cases, it’s purely down to the affiliate manager there.

That’s the reason I’ve started promoting the newly launched Legend Affiliates and recommend you do too. The no negative carryover is a plus as well.

Legend Affiliates just launched in June and I’ve already signed up with them and started promoting them in key spots on my websites and am seeing a solid clicks->signups ratio.

They currently offer just one online casino which is Casino Max. It’s an RTG Casino which means they accept Americans. Always makes life a little easier!

The reason I have signed up and started promoting them immediately, and why I recommend you do too, is the head of their affiliate program – Martyn Beacon.

Over the last decade Martyn has been an affiliate manager in iGaming. He used to spearhead the Affiliate Edge affilaite program. Unfortunately they got new ownership and things started to go downhill fast and Martyn left promptly.

He’s taken over at Legend Affiliates and knowing Martyn, winner of multiple Best Casino Affiliate Manager awards, this is going to be a program you want to be working with immediately.

Working with a new program has its risks but it has its rewards too. Casino Max is an entirely new casino which means there’s no real competition for it in the search engines yet. It also means your traffic will most likely not have an account there.

It’s great to jump on stuff like that early. I did that with Cake Poker back in the day – I was one of their first affiliates and when they took off it paid dividends for me.

I’ve only been working with Legend Affiliates since July, so I can’t say too much yet about them. Honestly a lot of the stuff with Legend Affiliates is “coming soon” – they have two more casinos they’re adding for example.

However I’m happy with what I’ve seen so far. When I signed up Martyn explained that the design they had at Casino Max was a placeholder and they were launching a new one very soon. I think the new one was launched within 2 weeks and is very clean and different.

They use the MyAffiliates interface which I love – because everything is basically in real time. So you can see the date of clicks, the referring URL, the IP address etc. It’s nice being able to immediately verify things like that.

If you’re looking to work with a new program with one of the must trustworthy affiliate managers in the industry, I’ve got to recommend you jump in with Legend Affiliates early. Like I said, I’ve just started promoting them myself so I can’t say too much but I’m happy so far.

And knowing Martyn, this is going to be one of the best casino affiliate programs for us within a year or so. I’m looking forward to being on at the beginning of this ride.

Sign up at Legend Affiliates today. I’ll have a more thorough review of them in a couple of months after I’ve had more experience with them.

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