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10 Tips for Promoting Mobile Casinos

To no surprise, over the years, I have seen more and more affiliates out there gravitate towards promoting casinos that work on a mobile device. We’re long past the days of a few mobile casinos with just a sprinkling of games.

We are now at the point where practically every online casino offers a responsive website that functions on mobile devices, and their entire library is available to play from anywhere a player wishes with one tap of their screen.

The problem is: many affiliates are doing it wrong. Specifically, long-term affiliates.

I’ve looked at a lot of the websites run by affiliates who have been in the game a long time. Those who know, and shudder, at the mere mention of the acronym UIGEA. They have changed their website’s focus to promoting gambling properties with mobile features, however, they don’t fully understand the audience or are making basic mistakes.

This article is both for them, and for anyone looking to promote mobile casinos with 10 tips to send you on the right path to converting that mobile audience.

#1: Have a Responsive Website

Responsive Design Layout Internet Concept

I can’t stress this enough. The website should function perfectly on any mobile device, be it a phone or an iPad. And if that means a complete redesign of your website – then do it, with a mobile-first attitude.

I’m someone who is hesitant to redesign websites as I’ve witnessed the effects it can have on SEO. However, if someone is looking to play casinos on their phone, then they are very likely going to be browsing your website on their phone. Therefore, it is imperative that you focus on providing the best user experience on mobile devices. I’ve seen some of those websites that were built in the early 2010s with updates to make them “responsive” – and trust me, they are NOT a good user experience.

If you are looking to target mobile players, go with a mobile-first design policy.

#2: Factor in Bitcoin Casinos

Studies and data I have access to have shown that people who use bitcoin casinos are more likely to use a mobile device, compared to regular online casinos. The difference isn’t a lot – but one thing you will find is that the majority of bitcoin casinos these days are built with a highly responsive design. Take advantage of that.

You don’t have to focus just on Bitcoin casinos. There are also casinos that offer both bitcoin, and regular deposit options. Just don’t close the door completely on cryptocurrency casinos. If you do that, you’re shutting the door to a potentially big audience.

#3: Promote “Difficulty” Levels

Sure, there are no easy mobile bitcoin games or anything like that to promote. It’s gambling, and promoting anything as “easy” is irresponsible and just completely wrong.

However, many online casinos are up-front about data related to their games, such as the RTP ratio. Many mobile casino players are looking to play casually, and by promoting online casinos that share their RTP percentage and volatility rates, you’re encouraging the user to explore this.

Do it in a manner which encourages them to click and see for themselves. Too many affiliates out there try and present that information on their page. Get them to the online casino, looking up the RTP for different slots or table games, and when they find one to their satisfaction, they’ll be more likely to convert.

#4: Promote Time-Limited Bonuses

If someone is looking to play at a mobile casino and has come across your site, there is a strong chance it is impulsive. Therefore, you should look to take advantage of that. Work with those online casinos that offer time-limited bonuses or set up some exclusive promotions with those casinos that work for you.

Look at the daily specials the online casinos are offering, and factor that into your promotion. For example, if it’s Tuesday and an online casino offers 20% cashback on Tuesdays only, promote that! Get people to act on their impulses. They are going to want to take advantage of that while they can.

#5: Promote Slots

While you get some heavy usage mobile players out there, a large majority of casino players on a mobile device are still more in the casual category. They aren’t as interested in playing the likes of Craps or Baccarat.

Slots are a great thing to promote because there is such a large variety to them, and you can split test various promotions related to slots.

From progressive jackpot slots to classic slots to fruit machines – test it all out. Slots players generally have a “type” that they like to play. Look for themed slots too. People will gravitate more towards a Batman slot if they are a comic book fan and enjoy slots, and so it provides a good reason to list themed slots such as this.

#6: Promote Casinos with An App

In a 2022 study of casino players, 74% of them wanted the online casino they played to have an app. This is something that is common not just for online casinos. I see it all the time in the non-gambling world. There’s just something more trustworthy and reliable to people when there is an app involved, as opposed to going to a website.

So make that a big feature of promoting these online casinos: that they have apps for Android or iPhone devices. It doesn’t mean that you should restrict yourself to app-only casinos; but be sure to highlight the online casinos that do offer an app.

#7: Promote Online Casinos with Sportsbooks Attached

I’ve seen some people promote online casinos which are just online casinos, with the marketing ploy being that by only offering online casino games, they’re able to provide a better casino experience. It’s a great idea but it just doesn’t work. A large percentage of casino players also bet on sports. Now, have you ever tried to actually convert sportsbook bettors? Trust me – it is extremely difficult. Even if they can get better odds 9 out of 10 times at a different sportsbook, they’ll still stick with their original sportsbook. It’s a very strong loyalty factor which is hard to break.

However, by offering them a sportsbook with just the click of a button within the online casino, you’re likely to get sports bettors to make the switch as they are already registered and have deposited. So you’re not just bringing in casino players but sports bettors as well.

#8: Focus on a Fast Website

I mean, it’s 2024 – I shouldn’t really have to say this, should I? But speed is a critical factor for mobile users. Google especially cares a lot about this. So not only should you be making your website responsive and providing an excellent mobile experience, but you should be making it rocket fast.

#9: Write Content Optimized for Mobile Users

I mean, we all know that content is king, but there is a big difference in the approach to mobile users.

It’s not just about writing as many words as you can and putting in those keywords without appearing too spammy – writing content for mobile users is a whole different world.

I could write an entire 2000-word article on that topic. However, my best advice is to forget everything you have learned about writing content and spend time educating yourself on what works for mobile users.

#10: Actually Play Mobile Casino Games Yourself

I spoke to a few webmasters who target mobile casino users, and one thing that stunned me was how few of them have actually played casino games on their own mobile device. Be it an iPhone or Pixel Pro, iPad or Kindle Tablet – spend a week playing mobile casino games and get inside the visitor’s head.

Learn what the appeal is. Play slots, and understand why they are perfect for the casual gamer. Hit up the live dealer roulette tables, and realize that this is an entirely different audience.

And finally, be sure to explore the most common payment options for mobile users in the countries you are targeting, and then promote online casinos that accept those payment methods. Mobile users don’t want to mess around; they want everything they need with a couple of taps.

And your job is to accommodate that.

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