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Dealer Dan, pictured here with WWE Superstar Mick Foley, has been in internet marketing since 1996. He likes hugs, long walks on the beach, and making money while wearing his jammy jams. For more information, you can read all about Dealer Dan.

Welcome to Dealer Dan's Affiliate Bible. Created in 2004, the Affiliate Bible is a complete guide to making money online, with a strong focus on affiliate marketing.

Initially launched as "Poker Affiliate Bible", the Affiliate Bible covers all areas of marketing, with a strong focus on gambling. Before I go into detail about all of the sections on Affiliate Bible, here are the latest 6 articles:

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I cover a lot of topics here at Affiliate Bible, and I want to help you navigate the site by breaking our site structure down for you:

New Affiliate Guide: This is a guide for new affiliates. It is a step by step affiliate marketing guide, to take you from “Hey I’d like to make money online” to “Holy crap I’m making money online”.

I’ve made every step as simple as possible, using the “less is more” approach. The guide helps you with your mindset, with planning out a website, to setting up a content management system like WordPress and getting a design set up. If you’re new to affiliate marketing or thinking about making money online, then without a doubt my affiliate guide needs to be your first stop.

General & SEO Affiliate Guide: If Affiliate Bible was a meal, this would be the main course. The majority of my articles apply to every possible niche and demographic, so they are filed under this category. No matter what area of affiliate marketing you are in, this is the best category to start reading as the articles will all apply to you.

I cover a variety of topics in the SEO Affiliate Guide. I discuss SEO, CTAs, Re-investments, All forms of marketing, building low earning websites, understanding the visitor and getting insider their heads and a wide variety of other helpful topics.

Affiliate Program Reviews: This section is exactly what it sounds like – reviews of affiliate programs. However don’t worry – this reviews aren’t just 400 word “fluff” telling you how great an affiliate program is. In each affiliate program review, I go into a lot of detail.

I tell you how to best promote each affiliate program, what works for me, what brands they offer, their commission structure, what marketing methods they have available, and also a FAQ section to cover any other topics. On top of that, I also list any blacklisted affiliate programs, or any affiliate programs you should be wary of.

Poker Affiliate Guide: Inside the Poker Affiliate Guide, I cover topics that are relevant mostly for poker affiliates. If you’re a poker affiliate, this is an obvious must-read section.

I talk about what a poker affiliate does, whether to choose CPA vs Revenue Share, whether to utilize rakeback, how to market to specific poker demographics and a wide variety of other poker affiliate related content.

Casino Affiliate Guide: More and more people are becoming casino affiliates and with good reason – there’s no small growth when it comes to being a casino affiliate. You can literally go from making nothing to making thousands overnight.

Within the Casino Affiliate Guide, I talk about revenue share vs CPA, how to target specific demographics such as whales, and cover the biggest mistakes that casino affiliates make.

Sportsbook Affiliate Guide: One area of affiliate marketing that many affiliates are getting into is sportsbook affiliate marketing and that’s no surprise – it’s best to work on websites you are passionate about, and many affiliates are passionate about sports. A sports betting affiliate website is the logical next step.

in the Sportsbook Affiliate Guide, I cover sports betting and sportsbook content such as how to convert the punters, and how to run a successful sports betting tips website – a lot harder than you may think!

Bingo Affiliate Guide: Don’t be duped by Bingo Affiliate Managers – online bingo is NOT the “next big thing”. However it can be very lucrative. I’ve been promoting online bingo since 2004, and I have reserved a whole section for bingo affiliates to help them out.

Non-Gambling Affiliate Guide: While there is a strong focus on gambling on Affiliate Bible, I wanted to really diversify the website to reflect my current affiliate marketing strategy. Over the last few years I’ve focused more and more on affiliate marketing outside the gambling field, and I wanted to bring my affiliate marketing knowledge to the masses.

In my affiliate marketing guide I cover a variety of niche and demographics such as pornography and Amazon affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Resources & FAQ: This is much more than just a “misc” or “catch-all” category. I cover a lot of important topics in here, usually related to software platforms such as WordPress and vBulletin.

On top of that, I have a very comprehensive Affiliate FAQ that covers a lot of questions new affiliates have. I have sections dedicated to screenshots to make your life easier, lists of other affiliate blogs and forums, as well as interviews I have conducted with other people in the affiliate marketing field.

Dealer Dans Blog: Last, but certainly not least, is my blog. This is where I’ll write more light-hearted content. I also have a weekly segment playing off “TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday”, where I replace “God” with whatever is motivating me that week. The Monday Motivational Post is one of the most-read articles on Affiliate Bible, and is a great way to get pumped for the week.

The Other Stuff:

If you want to read more about me, and how I got started in affiliate marketing, you can read the About Dealer Dan article.

You can also contact me about anything your heart desires!