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Slotland Affiliates Affiliate Program Review

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The question is often asked, both to me and on gambling affiliate forums:

What is the best casino affiliate program to promote to Americans?

While there’s no one answer – it depends a lot on your traffic for example and what they are looking for – the consistent best retaining online casino for me when it comes to Americans over the last few years have been none other than Slotland Affiliates.

I should also note that I’ve been able to set up an exclusive 44% deal at Slotland Affiliates. For your first 6 months, you’ll get 44% revenue right off the bat as opposed to starting with 22%. So you’re getting DOUBLE what you start with – more than what the Platinum Tier level. So get promoting them now.

I first started promoting Slotland Affiliates in late 2010. They use their very own unique software to cover both Slotland Casino and WinADay Casino, and they had some really unique games not found anywhere else.

The games I was really interested in promoting which were Roulette 5 and La Roulette – both multiple wheel Roulette games. 5 Roulette games at once. As far as I know no other online casino had this groundbreaking game yet, and I was going to promote the crap out of it.


However something else happened; while the Roulette promotion was going well, I discovered another niche which was the Keno at WinADay. Now you can find Multi Card Keno at a lot of places these days, but at the beginning it was something completely unique to WinADay Casino. I promoted it on a couple of Keno sites and in my first month of promoting it I had 20 depositing players and $1500 in commission. That continued to grow and grow, and I’ve even built a website around it – my Multi Card Keno website has WinADays Power Keno as one of the main focuses.

Over the years, Slotland affiliates have continued to do an amazing job. It can be hit and miss with the traffic – for example on one campaign in March 2014 I sent 386 unique hits, 24 registrations and ZERO depositing players. Yet on another campaign I sent just 37 unique hits, got 6 depositing players from it, and a total of 25 deposits from those 6 players. It’s a case of trial and error to find out what really works with them.

I’ve also had a lot of sub-affiliates sign up there, and they’ve experienced the same. Only a few sub-affiliates have managed to get a good regular profit out of Slotland. But trust me when I say this – they’re worth the effort. If you can find the right traffic, you’ll be hard pressed to find better retention in this industry.

Finally, Slotland Affiliates have consistently every month without fail paid me on the 1st business day of the month since 2010, which is one impressive feat.

Head on over to Slotland Affiliates and give them a try for yourself.


How I Promote Slotland Affiliates:

For the most part, I focus on WinADay Casino. I’ve tried Slotland a lot – the name is great for Slots traffic, and they have an awesome mobile casino. They also offer adult slots! But despite all of that I’ve just personally never had Slotland Casino work for me. Those are the only brands I’ve worked with.

With WinADay Casino, there is a lot to focus on. They are an all flash-based casino, and there are audiences that truly love that. They also offer innovative games as I mentioned above, like Power Keno and Roulette 5.

They’re perfect for a lot of people because they also offer Penny Slots as well. There’s a huge audience out there for Penny Slots, and I have quite a few campaigns going promoting them. They’re the ones that actually can be my big moneymakers – watching continual deposits of $25 every few days by a large group of ever-expanding players.

The retention at WinADay is excellent too. I’ve got some players I signed back in 2010 or 2011 who are still playing today. Most of them are the Penny Slots players who are consistently coming back and dropping small increments every few days.

No matter your casino traffic – I’d give WinADay a try in various spots on your website. If one doesn’t work out, try another. Like I saida bove it’s very hit and miss – but when they hit, it’s great.

Head on over to Slotland Affiliates now and sign up.


Slotland Affiliates FAQ:

Do Slotland Affiliates Offer CPA?

No. However Slotland Affiliates offer two separate plans – the Gross Revenue or the Net Revenue. They are a rare online casino that will give you money even if your players win, as they base the percentage on the deposit.

Do Slotland Affiliates Have Negative Carryover?

Great news – no they do not! No negative carryover at Slotland Affiliates.


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