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Sportsbook Affiliate Guide

Welcome to the Sportsbook Affiliate Guide, the Sportsbook section of Before going any further, be sure to read all the articles in the General Topics & SEO section, because they cover a wide variety of topics, and all those articles will apply to promoting online sportsbooks.

The articles in this section are specifically to sportsbook affiliates. If you are looking for information on a specific sportsbook affiliate program, be sure to read our sportsbook affiliate program reviews section.

Top 10 Methods to Convert the Punters

One of the hardest things for sportsbook affiliates is getting their visitors to switch from their current sportsbook to a …  Continue reading

Sportsbook Affiliate Programs with No Negative Carryover

Sportsbook Affiliate Programs that offer no negative carryover are rare – but if they offer no negative carryover, you want …  Continue reading

Sportsbook Affiliate Programs that Offer CPA

CPA is Cost Per Acquisition – rather than earn money when any players you recommend to a sportsbook loses money, …  Continue reading

How to Run a Successful Sports Betting Tips Website

One of the most popular websites that new sportsbook affiliates launch are sports tips websites.  These sort of websites are …  Continue reading

Redesigning a Sports Betting Site

This is an article I wrote back in April 2010 for Randy Rays Poker SEO Blog. The original article link …  Continue reading

Running a Sports Betting Tips Website on Revenue Share

With my latest article on running a succesful sports betting tips website I had a few affiliates e-mail me and …  Continue reading

Sports Betting Tips Websites: It’s Not Just About The Tips

“Diversify” is the big buzz word of the last couple of years amongst gambling affiliates. Some are going outside the …  Continue reading

Converting Free Betting Tips to Paid Betting Tips

More and more poker affiliates are diversifying into different markets, and many are moving into sports betting. Much like your …  Continue reading

10 Content Ideas for the Off-Season

If you run a website dedicated to a specific sport, then during the season it’s an extremely easy site to …  Continue reading

Think Outside The Box – Promote Fantasy Sports

One of the more popular areas of affiliate marketing these days is sportsbook affiliation and sports marketing, yet a lot …  Continue reading

The Two Year Plan

In 2012, I created the website It was a time limited niche site focused on the 2012 European Championships. …  Continue reading