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Casino Affiliate Guide

Welcome to the Casino Affiliate Guide, the Casino section of Before going any further, be sure to read all the articles in the General Topics & SEO section, because they cover a wide variety of topics, and all those articles will apply to casinos.

The articles in this section are specifically to casino affiliates. If you are looking for information on a specific casino affiliate program, be sure to read our casino affiliate program reviews section.

Revenue Share vs CPA

One of the first decisions you have to make as a casino affiliate, is whether or not to choose revenue share or CPA when promoting online casinos. In this article I discuss what the better choice is between revenue share and CPA.  Continue reading

Preparing For The Swings

There’s no affiliate market quite like online casinos – your balance can be $2500 one day, then $50 the next. In this article I discuss the swings you can expect from promoting online casinos, and how to handle them.  Continue reading

The Biggest Mistake Casino Affiliates Make

Looking at my sub-affiliate income, it doesn’t surprise me to see so many casino affiliates making less than $100 a month. In this article I discuss exactly why they’re making absolutely nothing, and what they are doing wrong.  Continue reading

10 Tips for Promoting Mobile Casinos

To no surprise, over the years, I have seen more and more affiliates out there gravitate towards promoting casinos that …  Continue reading

Analyzing a Bitcoin Casino Ranking Website

I was contacted by the owner of, asking if I could do an audit of his website and I …  Continue reading

Casino Affiliates: Targeting The Whales

A common mistake I see from casino affiliates is that they’re always focused on attempting to get whales. Of course …  Continue reading

Auditing An Italian Gaming Website

While I don’t write too often on here anymore, I still am heavily involved in the gambling industry. I still …  Continue reading

5 Things Pokieslab Are Doing Right….

….and 3 things they can improve upon. A lot of my latest website audits have been critical of websites, and …  Continue reading

Auditing An Indian Lottery Website

While I don’t do this often – I had another webmaster contact me about auditing and consulting on his website …  Continue reading

Casino Affiliate Programs with no Negative Carryover

While the “house always wins”, sometimes the affiliate loses. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone win big and withdraw, leaving your casino affiliate account in the negative for months to come. Avoid that problem with our list of casinos that have no negative carryover.  Continue reading

Casino Affiliate Programs that Offer CPA

I personally prefer revenue share when it comes to casino affiliate programs. However I understand why some affiliates may want …  Continue reading

Casino Affiliate Related Interviews

I sit down with some of the top casino affiliates and affiliate managers, to get advice and suggestions from them on how we should all be promoting casinos, what casinos to promote, and how to promote them in the best manner possible.  Continue reading