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The Biggest Mistake Casino Affiliates Make

Every affiliate makes mistakes. I make mistakes, you make mistakes. Most mistakes are fixable and we learn from them, and become better internet marketers because of it. However there is one mistake that I see casino affiliates doing again and again and again, and it’s the biggest mistake they could make.

It’s not knowing their market. It’s not knowing what makes casino players tick.

Have you ever sat there and wondered why people pay for porn on the internet? You have tube sites, torrent sites and hacked password sites – why should anyone pay for porn on the internet? If you have to ask yourself that question, then you should never consider running a porn website, because you just don’t get it.

The same applies for promoting online casinos.

I see so many affiliates promote online casinos that have never even played in an online casino, or they have just toyed around with play money for review purposes. I’ve watched affiliates promote casinos while saying on forums that they just don’t understand how people can be such suckers, how they don’t understand that the house always wins, and they can’t imagine ever playing a game where in the long run they are expected to lose all their money.

These guys just don’t get it.

To promote online casinos, you have to understand what attracts a person to an online casino. You have to understand why people choose to download an online casino, and play games where they are destined to lose. You have to get into the mind of the casino gambler, and understand what goes through their head.

You have to feel the rush for yourself as that slot comes up trumps giving you 300 credits, and you have to feel your spirits being crushed as you watch the dealer get Blackjack 4 times in a row. You have to know what it’s like to sit there and triple your usual bet because you fool yourself into thinking “you are due”, and you have to feel the depression as your balance goes to $0, and the temptation to immediately deposit again.

If you don’t understand any of that, you have no chance in this business.

Believe me – I was the same way. My first online casino site was great when it came to SEO and content – but I never did get it. I had did a bit of blackjack whoring at online casinos but that was with a positive expected value – I never sat there playing slots just for the fun of it, or spending my nights online hitting the Carribean Stud tables.

And you know what? That site was a failure. Oh it made some money – but it didn’t make enough because I just never understood my audience, or what made them tick.

It took months of little or no income, before I finally decided to try and understand it for myself. I deposited at an online casino just for “fun” – and it was then that I truly understood the lure of online casinos. I won money, I lost money, I chased my losses, I martingaled – I did everything the typical gambler would do, just to understand exactly what goes through their head.

And now? I make thousands of dollars a month promoting online casinos with ease. I understand the audience, I cater to them, and I know what makes them tick.

So if you’ve never played at an online casino before – stop what you are doing. Stop writing content, stop working on your SEO – take some money, deposit it at an online casino and just play. Go through the trials and tribulations of an online casino player, so you can understand that market.

On this site, I have and will continue to give you lots of great and informational advice. You will no doubt take a lot of knowledge away from this site…but all the SEO skills in the world won’t help you, if you don’t know your audience.

Become a degenerate today, and reap the dividends tomorrow.

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