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Build a website in one day!

I’ve been talking a lot to affiliates lately who have came to me because they are overwhelmed. They have hundreds of domain names registered and just sitting there gathering dust and wanted advice on how to approach this.

The fact of the matter is this – you can build most websites in a day.

It’s really easy to build a website. I currently have over 50 websites, so believe me – I know. Sure – some websites may be more complicated than others, but the majority of domains you own can be built in a day. Let’s pretend for a moment you work as an affiliate from 9am-5pm. Here’s how you can build a website in a day:

9am: Set up domain nameservers and hosting. Install WordPress. Pick out a simple WordPress Theme and install it. Install necessary plugins.
10am: Write 5-10 pages of content for the website and publish them.
12pm:: Spend some time tweaking and customizing the theme, and any necessary plugins.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to build a website. It’s something that you can do in a few hours, possibly it will take you a bit longer – but it won’t take you more than a day to complete an actual website. It’s so easy to get caught up in things when really it is so simple to create a functioning website.

It’s so easy to make a website. If you focus a month on doing the above each day, you can get 30 websites launched. In a month! It really is that simple.

I just have one more little piece of advice for you:

Don’t do any of the above.

You see – it’s really easy to crank out websites. You don’t need much time at all. However your focus should NOT be “cranking out” websites in a day. Nor should you be looking at a list of domain names and thinking “I really should build a site on that domain soon”.

Every website you build because you want to do it.

Because you WANT to do it. Because you are motivated. Inspired. Because you have this domain name or this website idea, and you want to put it into motion. Better than that – you want to make it the best website of its kind. Because you want to make the best website possible – one that even if you don’t make a dime from, you will still be PROUD of.

It doesn’t matter what the website is. Maybe it’s a poker signup bonus website. Or a blackjack strategy website. Or even just a site listing the best deposit methods for poker players. Whatever the website is – you should spend a lot of time planning out the website, establishing your target market, and then making that website the best damn resource on the internet for that market.

That’s the kind of website you want to be making. And that kind of website won’t take a day to make. It can take weeks. Even months. You’ll spend hours fighting with the tiniest little details like whether to use an 11px or 12px font in the sidebar, and just what shade of red the “Visit” button should be. You may even stay up all night working on this site, just because you want to, and enjoy it, and want to get this awesome site up for the rest of the world to see.

Don’t beat yourself up because you have hundreds of domains sitting there gathering dust. It’s much better they sit there, than you spending time working on them because you feel you “have to”, when you could be working on bigger and better things.

I read a quote earlier today by Juma Ikangaa. The quote is:

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare”.

This is an excellent motivational quote that you should think about when creating websites. Preparation is everything. When I launched my casino signup bonus website it wasn’t built in a day! I got that domain months ago, and wanted to develop it immediately – yet preparation is everything. It took me 8 weeks and the site really still has a long way to go. Here’s a week by week status report:

Week 1: Spent planning out the website, from what keywords to target to what articles the site should have. Rough draft of design(on paper) based on this, all the features it should have. Came up with over 500 articles for the site to eventually have.

Week 2: Research week. Looking at my competition, conducting a survey of casino players, deciding on what casinos to initially promote, doing keyword research erc.

Week 3 & 4: Working with the designer on creating the site, and all the pages, going over the tiniest little details just to make the site perfect.

Week 5 & 6: Writing content for the site. I didn’t rush the content – I took it slow, and I wanted to write it all myself.

Week 7: Implementing all the content with the site, then working with the designer on all the little changes needed.

Week 8: Planning a link building campaign, going over the site with a fine toothcomb and making any changes required. All the admin stuff required.

Always let your inspiration and motivation guide you when it comes to building websites. You get out of something what you put into it, and if you approach websites with passion, with fun and with ambition, you will create the kind of valuable resources that will pay you back handsomely in the long run.

(Of course, a few days after this I actually did build a website in one day!)

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