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TE2012IM: Thank Euro 2012 It’s Monday!

Well let’s be honest – is there seriously anything else I would be thanking at the moment, other than Euro 2012? I feel bad for the people that can’t get into soccer/football – this is like the Superbowl x10 for us that are into it.

It’s also really reinvigorated me as an affiliate. I forgot how much fun it can be to run a time-limited niche site or focus strongly on a specific event. Of course, it helps that I’m killing it dollar wise, but it’s just great watching the traffic, figuring out how best to convert them, all the while knowing that you have such a limited time to do so.

And of course – sports betting! I’m what you would call a professional sports better, and honestly at times that becomes a grind. With Euro 2012 I’ve went with smaller bets of $100 and $250 for the event. If I win money then fantastic – but it’s all about adding more fun to it. So far I’m up $1265.25 which is great, and hoping to continue that run.

Feel free to Follow my Euro 2012 Bets although note the sportsbooks referenced for the bets placed aren’t entirely true – that’s a random geo-targeted script.

Alright I am PUMPED. Just a few short hours until I head down to the pub, and cheer on France amongst about 50 English fans. Can’t wait. Let’s get going….

I Added Comments:

I keep forgetting to mention this, but I added comments to EVERY article on Affiliate Bible now. Initially, comments were off for the whole site – the reasoning was that I wanted people to read the articles on here, and leave with the intent of the article in their head, rather than get distracted by discussions in the comments.

However I’ve been trying to get more comment-friendly lately with my websites, using the universal comment system Disqus. I added it for my blog articles only but I had so much fun interacting with people that I’ve decided to open it up to all articles.

So whenever I write articles now, feel free to comment on them. I welcome all comments and will always reply.

I’m going to refer you to the TechCrunch Article on it as they cover it in a lot of detail, but this is a really neat site.

Basically it’s like “affiliate-lite” – ordinary people can refer their friends to products and make money from it. No need to sign up 10,000 affiliate accounts – if you refer your friends to products, you can grab the URL from and make money from it.

It’s a really neat concept. You see something similar in the poker affiliate world with Poker Affiliate Solutions but it’s targeted towards ordinary people.

Fantastic idea.

Motivational Quotes:

Motivational quotes are the best. If I’m feeling unmotivated or feel work is dragging, I simply take some time to browse through some motivational quotes or videos and I feel pumped again.

However sometimes that’s not enough. Reading old Chinese Proverbs or quotes from dead people sometimes doesn’t cut it, ya know? That’s why sometimes I really appreciate motivational quotes from real people. People who aren’t just out there trying to spin a phrase – but people who are saying things that are getting them by each day.

I follow The Rock on Twitter, and he’s great for stuff like that. One really stuck out to me the other morning:

Cardio time. Bringin it on this hot ass pavement. Swamp muggy and humid. Let’s roll..

I love that. He’s not trying to spin a phrase or come up with some generic quote. He’s saying it like it is. Yet 15 little words say so freaking much. It’s a hot pavement. It’s muggy. It’s humid. And he is ready to rock. All the problems just make him stronger, better and more determined. And he’s out there actually DOING it.

Seriously fantastic, and a great way to get pumped up for the week. No matter how much crap is thrown at you, no matter how bad things look – use that just to fuel you, to power you through, and to make you better and stronger than ever.

Lets just hope the England team aren’t followers of The Rock.

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