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Thank Fools It’s Tuesday

April Fools of course. What a great day.

It’s a great day because you legitimately get to be an ass to other people, make them freak out and then yell “APRIL FOOLS” so they can’t get offended by it.

A few years ago, I was staying at a friends house. When he was out, I took all of his underwear, poured it under cold water then put it in the freezer and it froze in there. Then when trying to get it out he managed to scratch the hell out of his fridge.

Unfortunately, that WASN’T an April Fools joke. It was performed in early May. So instead of coming off as a hilarous prankster, I just look like an ass! But April Fools Day is great because you get to do that crap to people and the only thing they can do in turn is to give you a slow applause.

I’m pretty sure it’s in the constitution or something.

I remember one April Fools gag in particular I fell for. This was when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Literally the night before we had found some stray dog that didn’t have a home. My old dog had recently “been taken to the farm” – a statement my mom still sticks with to this day. Just by coincidence, it had bit the crap out of some kid who had thrown dirt in its eyes a few days prior.

So yeah – stray dog, and I’m all excited at the idea of keeping it. It sleeps in my room with me, and then I wake up the next day to my mom FREAKING OUT – because the dog has apparently pooed and peed all over the bed!

Of course as an adult – no big deal. Just wash them! But as a kid just waking up you can’t comprehend that and you freak the hell out. Of course it hadn’t – but man, was I freaking out at that. My new Thundercats bedsheets ruined!

I think I’ll go up and wake my kids up just now and break to them the bad news that their favourite cat died overnight. After 20 minutes of screaming and crying I’ll be all “April Fools LOL” and it’s all good.

Current Me Loves Past Me:

A few weeks ago I wrote about a motivational technique that I really dug; do stuff for “future you”. If you’re sitting there procrastinating over something – just think how much future you would appreciate it. Like a non-affiliate related example; it’s the morning, and your kitchen is messy. You need to clean it, but you can’t be bothered. But think about future you that night – who will appreciate it, because it means he can relax at night and watch TV, rather than having to be in the kitchen.

I use this a ton, both for work related things and non-work related. If I’m tired and feel like I need a nap during the day, I just think “Nope, future me will appreciate me staying up come bedtime as he’ll get to sleep a lot faster.” Amazing how it changes my perspective on things like that.

Every day, I have a daily schedule of work I do in the morning. Part of that involves writing content. I still like to write my own content for some websites, and I average about 4 articles every morning. However for the month of April I am off on a few trips. I go to New Orleans for Wrestlemania, off to Niagara Falls on a family trip, and then finally to Edmonton. My mom also might be visiting me in Scotland during that time. Then the World Cup is kicking off in June, so I’ll want to focus on that in May.

So over the past few weeks, I really buckled down content wise. I wrote TONS of content for the future as well as outsourcing some – to the point where I don’t have to do ANYTHING in April and May when it comes to content. Instead I have a list on my whiteboard of the date the next articles are due – and they’re ALL in June.

This is just an incredible feeling, and it’s opened up my mornings to cover so much more now and I feel so much more productive. And then when I feel like it I sit down and write an article to extend that date further – doing all this good stuff for future me.

If you’re struggling at something – be sure to give this trick a try. It’s amazing what a great feeling it is.

What’s Funny About That:

The funny thing about that quote is I read it on Twitter a few weeks ago, and that’s where it came from. But while writing this, I realized someone had actually used this motivational technique on me before – and I was completely unaware of it.

This was last year – end of April. I was heading to Las Vegas and then Edmonton – both times by myself, so I’d be away from my family for almost 2 weeks. And I hate that – I can get really bad homesickness at times. Well – until I cram a bunch of fireball whiskey down my throat!

Anyway – I was at Toronto airport. Security had given me the wrong information – telling me after checking my bags in via US Customs I could go back out for a smoke. So I checked in the bags like 5 hours before my flight, only to be told NOPE you can’t go back out.

So I’d been up all night. I hadn’t had that “last smoke before a flight” smoke which is a rather crucial one in the smokers mindset. Now I had five freaking hours to kill before getting on the plane and I was exhausted. I started getting anxiety, to the point where I was legitimately ready to cancel the Vegas trip. Just one of those random things that creep up on you.

I was literally about to stand up and find an employee and told them I had to leave, when my brother in law called. We had been texting back and forth about the situation, and he said straight up on the phone – think about how bad you’ll regret it in the future, if you don’t go. Think about how much future you will be happy that you DID go on the trip and have the time of your life in Vegas as you always do.

That was enough – it changed my whole mindset and I ended up going and having a blast as was expected.

Funny how little bits of motivation are all around you yet you can be completely unaware.


I’m actually off for a few weeks. Heading to WRESTLEMANIA~! this weekend in New Orleans, then I have a family trip, then I have a trip to Edmonton. All articles are of course pre-written for the next few weeks except T_IM which is something I write on the day of. I’ll hopefully be able to check in with that over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime – here’s a video to enjoy. I’m going to Wrestlemania 30 with the same group of people that I went with 2 years ago. The excitement and anticipation for this is at a premium to the point that one of my friends made up this video featuring us all:

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