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Poker Affiliate Bible Revamp Blog – Part 1

Although it may not seem like it, things are actually very busy here at Poker Affiliate Bible. I’ve been busy behind the scenes on the revamping of Poker Affiliate Bible, and I thought I would take some time out to actually blog about what exactly I am doing.

Let’s do this in a Q&A format.

Why the revamp?

Because I feel Poker Affiliate Bible could be doing a lot better on a variety of fronts. They are:

User Experience: Poker Affiliate Bible, hereafter referred to as PAB, is not an easy site to navigate. There’s no “step by step guide” to get started – there’s no guide to navigating the website. It’s a complicated website(compared to what it could be). This was initially by design – I only wanted to bring in the serious affiliates – the ones that will battle through to figure it all out and make money. However I aim to make it newbie friendly as well, and I think that will save me a lot of time in the future.

Money: My secondary goal on this website has always been to make money. It’s never been my primary goal. And I do quite well 🙂 However I could be doing better for sure. I’ve never focused much on calls to action or encouraging you guys to sign up at programs, and instead focused almost exclusively on the whole mentoring aspect, or the “if you like my advice then sign up under me” aspect. However I think I can make the site bring in more money without hurting the users experience at all.

Rebranding: I want to cover everything under the domain. Initially I launched however I could never be motivated to write there. I would rather have all gambling programs and a few non-gambling programs all under the one roof, as it will help this site become more of an authority in the affiliate world, and will be easier to manager.

Making the site newbie friendly will save you a lot of time?

Most definitely. You would be amazed at the amount of e-mails I get from new affiliates. Unfortunately a lot of affiliates are basically asking the same questions, or asking questions where I am providing the same answers over and over.

This takes time. So my goal is to turn those affiliate questions into articles, as well as a nice step by step guide. This will allow me to get away from the hand holding I have to do with new affiliates – picking a web host, choosing a niche, using WordPress, how to write content etc – and get into the more meaty stuff which will help you guys make money.

When will we see the revamp?

I’m thining end of August. I am taking my time with this and relaxing. It’s a huge job and I don’t plan on it happening overnight. I am quite comfortable with being patient and slowly working on it when I feel motivated.

What will we see on the new Poker Affiliate Bible?

For one, you will see a lot of new articles. Right now there are approximately 120 articles on this website. When the new PAB launches, I expect there to be at least 200 articles. I also plan on going through all existing articles and updating them, as well as making them more user friendly in regard to reading.

You’ll see articles covering bingo, casino, sportsbooks, adwords, adsense, ebay, amazon and a variety of other topics. Those sections will be a bit barebones to start, but I will build them up and plan on writing at least 3 articles per week.

You’ll also see a much better constructed website, and one that is very easy to navigate. It won’t win any Web 2.0 design awards, but you’ll enjoy how much easier it is to read.

What’s the current status of the new website?

Right now, I have a huge sitemap of articles written down. I’ve also had meetings with my designer about the design, and we have a few rough drafts going back and forth.

By the end of July, I’ll have the design finalized and converted to WordPress. I will be launching it locally, and then all that is left will be to add the content.

That’s it for this blog. There probably won’t be any more general poker affiliate articles until the revamp is done, but I will continue to blog with updates as I do them.

In the meantime have a great summer. If you have any suggestions or things you would love to see on the “New PAB” hit me up at

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