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Thank You

I just want to send out a thank you to all affiliates who read, and reacted to my letter to Full Tilt article written two days ago. No more e-mails need to be sent, because Full Tilt have listened to affiliates, and came to a compromise. A player is now considered a real money player when their account balance hits at least the $25 mark. So if someone gets transferred $25 they are now a real money player. If someone gets transferred $20 they’re not – but as soon as their balance hits that $25 mark, they become a real money player.

Is this perfect? No. But it’s a lot better than what it was. Down the road, I’ll most definitely look into getting this improved even more, but for now I’d say this little “battle” has been resolved. A big thanks to everyone who e-mailed, and also to the affiliate managers at Full Tilt who not only listened to us, but then took the matter to the powers that be.

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