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Thank Fallout 4 It’s Monday

I work too much, and I’m well aware of that.

I don’t work for money, I don’t work because I have to. I work because I want to. I work because I love it.

I love split testing, trying out various different CTAs and managing to get an 8% click-thru rate up to 15%, or a 10% conversion rate up to 20%.

I love providing sports betting tips. I love studying sports like crazy, playing around with statistics and algorithms and then having a 3-0 night with my NHL Tips.

I love studying my visitors, and getting in their heads. Figuring out how they work and then being able to present advertising material for them in a way that works for both of us.

But I work too much. I don’t spend enough time….chilling. It’s something I think a lot about. I need to spend more time relaxing – more time watching non-sports TV, more time playing video games.

Hell I have a backlog of over 250 XBox 360 and XBox One games that I keep hoping to get around to playing yet still haven’t.

It’s funny because I think “I don’t have the time”. I’ll look at a game like Alien Isolation, check how long it is to beat, see “20 hours” and say no I don’t have the time to play it.

Then a game like Fallout 4 comes along.

Suddenly I have the time. I don’t have a choice. The game just absolutely consumes me. Fallout 3 was the best game I’d ever played – and Fallout 4 has topped it.

In the week since release, I’ve managed to put in over 30 hours of video gaming. In just a week.

It’s also helped my work too.

Some of my friends who bought the game – their work went to the wayside. One took a week off on vacation purely to play. Another called in sick every day.

For me – I’ve handled it differently. I wake up every morning and I look at my work and I say “this is what I’m going to accomplish before I get lost in the wasteland”. Then I work with a passion, knowing the reward that waits.

So thank you Fallout 4. And thank you Bethesda.

God it’s such an awesome fucking game.

Daily Fantasy Sports:

John Oliver covered it this week on Last Week Tonight. Highly recommend watching:

It’s going to be interesting seeing where things go with this. I’ve been paying a ton of attention to it because I’ve been working on a project very similar to the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel – and everything that affects them with affect me.

I’ve always hated their whole “it’s not gambling” crap. If anything it’s gambling even more than something like sports betting.

I mean if you take the Patriots -6.5 you’re gambling on one thing: that the New England Patriots are going to win by at least 7 points.

But with Daily Fantasy Sports – you’re betting on so many more factors. If you pick Rob Gronkowski for example as your tight end – you’re gambling that the Patriots get a lot of points. You’re gambling that Gronk gets a lot of action. You’re gambling that Gronk gets a lot of touchdowns. You’re gambling that he doesn’t get injured.

Regulation is something that the industry unfortunately needs. Employees with insider info using that information to win is not cool. Then you have all of these fly by night companies who can’t compete with the likes of DK/FD and close up shop with peoples money.

It’s a dirty industry. Much like the sports betting industry, the casino industry, the poker industry and the bingo industry. They have a lot of negatives.

A shake-up in that industry is desperately needed, and I’m glad it’s happening while it’s still in its infancy. With all of the major corporation support for daily fantasy sports – it should be an interesting time going forward.

Anyway – I have a wasteland to explore.

Have a good week.

I know I will.

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