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TGRIM: Thank Google Reader It’s Monday

In case you missed it, Google announced that they were killing off a lot of their products. And the product they are killing off that is getting the biggest reaction is their RSS Reader, Google Reader. Complete list here.

Google Reader, and RSS as a whole, is one of those products where you basically either use it constantly, or are unaware it really exists. It’s one of those things I can’t imagine people living without – no need to bookmark 100+ websites and visit them every day looking for new articles – simply subscribe to the website, and you basically get notified as soon as any new articles are posted.

It’s one of those things that have been integrated with my daily life. In an earlier blog post, TCIM, I posted a picture of my whiteboard:

As you can see – Google Reader actually holds its own separate entry. It was always a staple of my life. I’d wake up, workout, make my tea and all bran and sit down and go through Google Reader, catching up on all the websites I subscribed to. From affiliate blogs to video game news, from mma sites to daily comic strips.

Of course – there’ll be a replacement. There always is. There’s a wide variety of other RSS Readers out there already, and I’m sure within a month one of them will step out as the “leader”. Life will go on. Right now there’s mass hysteria and various web petitions over the end of Google Reader – but give it a few months and people will forget all about Google Reader.

I assume this is just to push Adsense even more. They don’t serve any ads via Google Reader, and the integration of ads within that could be tricky. Compare that to how Adsense is implemented on various websites. They would much rather you visit websites regularly to get your content. And if there is nothing new? Hey – good possibility you might click one of those related ads, or ads geared to your browsing history.

Goodbye Google Reader, and thanks for being an awesome service.

Just please don’t take Feedburner with you to the grave.

Awesome 404 Page:

I love me some good ol 404 pages and this was another one I saw recently that I liked:

I always like the idea of a web development team, who are paid money, spending time implementing cool 404s.

I’ve always been a fan of implementing advertisements, content etc within mobile devices. One I saw recently that I thought was great was the ESPN Clutch ads – here’s one:

So sick. I love the usage of the word “clutch” too. It’s not over-used, but it’s still stupid as hell – and one of those things that if you are watching it with your buddies you’ll start saying it together. Sure you’re saying it in a sarcastic way – but every time you describe that Walking Dead episode as “clutch”, or say you had some “clutch” chicken wings earlier it’s subconsciouslly reminding you of the brand.

Brand AND Product Marketing at it’s finest.

Learn to Embrace Sleep:

I’m sure a lot of you guys reading this are self-diagnosed insomniacs. We’ve all been there. I can’t go a week without seeing someone on Facebook declaring that they “can’t sleep” and blaming insomnia.

Of course it’s not insomnia in the majority of cases – it’s just human nature to immediately jump to conclusions. I’ve been there. I used to lay in bed at night and not be able to sleep. Hell, I used to say crap like “sleep is for the weak” and consider sleep a hinderance.

But really – sleep is AWESOME, and my motivational Monday tip is for you to learn to embrace and love sleep for the awesomeness that it is.

Sleep is great for so many reasons. Humans need sleep. It’s great for the brain. Get a good nights sleep and you’re healthier and more productive. Plus you get to DREAM. Dreams are AWESOME! You get to close your eyes and go off in this freakin fantasy world. How can you hate that?

Stop thinking of sleep in a negative way. Start looking forward to bedtime. The one time of the day where you can fully relax. Stop stressing about how you “need” to sleep – instead look forward to it. I love reading to my kids at night and starting to yawn – because then I know that sleep is just a few mere minutes away.

And hey – have a nap too. When was the last time you had a really great nap? Like just decided – I’m going to have a nap. That’s something I do maybe once a week – just curl up with the electric blanket after lunch and have a nap for an hour or two. It’s refreshing as all hell and your brain really functions a lot better catching up on that sleep.

That’s my motivational tip for the week – sleep more!

A good nights sleep is a lot better for you than 10 cups of coffee.


You know what one of my favourite things is? When SHIT BREAKS.

In this case, Google Drive went down this morning. People couldn’t access their precious documents – and of course none of them actually sync it up on the desktop because hey who needs backups?

I love this stuff because I head straight to Twitter and watch people freak the hell out. Here are just a few highlights:

Is @googledrive unavailable for anyone else? I can’t access anything. It’s times like these when I regret depending on the proverbial cloud.

I cannot open Google Drive. This is a large problem..


@googledrive you don’t get to just decide to stop working when you have people’s files! #unacceptable

Google Drive why are you not working? I have lots of work to do. #fail

Of all the days for Google Drive to stop working…. #really #Google

Oh cool Google Drive is down. Now I’m not going to be able to accomplish anything today.

What can I say – I revel in peoples misery. Well not misery – more “hysteria”.

Of course I’m sure they’ll all learn from it and take the 2 minutes to set up syncing to their desktop, right?


Have an awesome week guys. Get some sleep, sync up those Google Docs and continue to rock it.

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