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Unfortunately in this industry, there are always going to be affiliate programs where you encounter problems. Some are small like delays in communication, however others are big, like a complete lack of communication, or just not paying affiliate funds. Like my saga with, which stretched over 10 months and still remains unresolved.

I’ve never been someone to air my ‘dirty laundry” in public – if I have a problem with an affiliate program I prefer to try to deal with them directly, and will go through all channels trying to resolve the solution. However I’ve given IplayBingo a lot of time to fix their issues and unfortunately after 10 months they still haven’t resolved it, so I’m forced to write the whole tale here, and hopefully warn people away from this program. If you’re an affiliate or a player, I’d highly recommend staying far away from IplayBingo.

Here is a factual account of everything that has happened with IplayBingo over the last 10 months:

February 10: During a routine check-up, I noticed I had made money at Iplaybingo via their affiliate program. They made the payment into my player account. I went to withdraw the funds, however I was informed that I had to deposit first, to add a cashier option to my account. I’ve had this problem before with some rooms, and I’ve contacted them and been able to work something out. Either they add the option manually, or I deposit and they eat up the fees. The main concern is that I’m able to withdraw immediately, and that they don’t hit me with any sort of wagering requirement. So I use the Help Desk ticket system(ticket ID #328196) to ask them if they can add it manually, or to confirm if I deposit and there’ll be no wagering requirements. They responded that day, and told me to e-mail, as that is the e-mail address for any affiliate concerns. I sent an e-mail to that address.

February 18: I still hadn’t received a response, so I sent another e-mail.

February 23: Still no response, so I e-mailed again. I also e-mailed from an alternate address in case there was issues with spam filters.

February 28: Still no response. I e-mailed again.

March 4,: I responded to the ticket again via the Iplaybingo system, and let them know I have sent numerous e-mails and not received a response. They responded to tell me I have to wait for affiliate department to respond.

March 18: No response yet. I sent another e-mail. Did not get a response.

March 21: I send another message via the ticket system. I inform them that I have sent numerous e-mails and not received a response, and ask them why I should even promote a site like this when members get treated so poorly. I ask them to forward this to someone who can resolve this immediately. They inform me that they have forwarded this issue to the network manager.

March 27: I still haven’t received a response, so I respond via the ticket system, and let them know that if I don’t receive a response I’ll be looking into getting them put on watchdogs backlists. I did not receive a response. I post on the Casino Affiliate Programs forum with all the issues so far, and ask if anyone has any contacts within this company as all I want is this problem resolved, or if any reps are reading to please contact me. Another affiliate posts to say he hasn’t had any response to a query either.

March 29: I send them another message via the ticket system, letting them know that I am still waiting. As you can see, I’ve been more than patient. They do not respond.

April 13: I open up another ticket(ID #333426) and inform them that I am still waiting for a response to ticket ID #328196. They close this ticket without responding, and do not respond to the other ticket. I decide to contact Casino Meister about this issue, as they generally have a lot of pull in the industry and may be able to sort something out. Unfortunately they ran into the same problems I had, receiving no response at all. Casinomeister issued a warning that Iplaybingo is ignoring affiliate issues and blocking fee payments without explanation.

June 15: I decide to give it one last try. I send another ticket(ID #339210) to their customer service department. The response was even worse this time, as they wouldn’t give me an e-mail address to e-mail, instead saying that the e-mail address should be on the promotional e-mails we receive. I check the e-mails, and find an e-mail address I send an e-mail, and it bounces. I also e-mail the Network Manager address again, and still get no response.

July 1: I inform them that the e-mail bounced, and to give me a working e-mail via the ticket system. They tell me to provide an e-mail address and they will get someone to e-mail me, so I provide my e-mail, and ask them to make sure it is given priority.

July 30: I have not heard anything back yet, so I send a message again. I also query why this is even an issue for the non-responsive affiliate manager – shouldn’t this be a cashier issue? They say they’ve done all they can by passing the message on.

August 15: I get even more specific – I ask if I would have to wager funds if I deposit, and if so how much. I am told I don’t have to wager any funds, as they have no wagering requirements on bingo. So I write to confirm that if I do a minimum deposit of $50, I can then immediately withdraw that plus my affiliate funds. I’m informed that I cannot do that, and even though there is no wagering requirements I must still play bingo! So I ask them how much I must play, and I am informed that they cannot tell me that and also refer me to the FAQ in regard to wagering requirements. I quote the FAQ, where it states nothing about having to play at all, and they brush me off, and tell me to stop sending tickets as they can’t help.

You might wonder why I’ve waited this long to even write this article. Honestly, the whole thing isn’t even a big priority for me – it’s been sitting on my “to do” list for awhile. It’s not even about the money, it’s about the principle of the thing. The money I am owed is just $30.02 – I value my hourly “rate” at least six times that. That’s what makes this all the funnier – they’ve ignored an affiliate, posts in a public forum and even contact from the Casino Meister, all over thirty bucks! Although that’s what makes it all the scarier – if someone can’t get $30 out, what chance do they have to get three, four or even five figures?

If anyone from IplayBingo is reading I wouldn’t even bother contacting me – I don’t care about these funds anymore, and don’t want to have any involvement with you in the future. I don’t even trust you with my payment information at this stage. If any affiliates are reading however, you are the people that can help. If you’re promoting them, stop. As you can see you’re most likely never going to get paid anyway. And if you can put a link to this article anywhere on your site, with anchor text “IplayBingo” that would be appreciated, because it will help this article in search engines, and hopefully warn all players of this scam bingo room.

Notes: also took in the players from Major Bingo, Prime Time Bingo and Sunshine Bingo in 2006, and they all currently share a playerbase, so it is recommended you stop promoting these properties as well.

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