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Thank Time It’s Monday (Again!)

I’d actually written a Thank Time It’s Monday article earlier this year, but it’s a positive thought that really bears repeating.

Our lifes are dictated by time. We have a time we need to wake up for school or for work. A lunch time. A bed time. Meetings usually revolve around a certain time. Even entertainment revolves around a certain time. Going to see a movie or a play? You have to be there at a certain time. Ready to relax on a Sunday and watch some football? You still have to do that at a certain time.

So that’s why it’s so nice when you have that lack of time awareness. With the kids off school due to the Christmas holidays, I always take time off work for that same period. And it really struck me yesterday just how great it is – we were playing board game after board game. Suddenly I glanced up at the clock and I was like “Holy crap – it’s midnight”. Then we’re sitting there trying to figure out how long we’ve been playing and really had no idea. It was just a really nice feeling to know that we were having so much fun, we were completely unaware of this thing that dictates the majority of our lives.

So thank you time. You keep us sane when you’re around, but it’s nice to forget about you every so often.

Affiliate Roundtable:

I hope everyone enjoyed the Roundtable with Jeremy, Greg and Mike from earlier in the week.

You know – that roundtable really does speak a lot about the gambling affiliate community, as I had mentioned in the article. I’m sure all of those guys are super busy, but they thought nothing of taking some time to participate in that with the goal of providing an interesting article, as well as tips for new affiliates. They didn’t ask for links to any of their websites or anything. Even when I asked them, none of them requested any links. They were just happy to do the interview.

You see so many affiliate marketer blogs online these days, but rarely does anyone do anything for free. They’re always wanting a link back, they’re always trying to sell you products. Hell, the majority of the guys who make money in internet marketing do it by selling their products to OTHER internet marketers. Search for SEO blogs or internet marketing blogs and the top ones will be covered in ads trying to sell you random software or ebooks so they can make money. Then people buy that stuff and turn it around and sell it on THEIR blogs, almost like an MLM scheme.

Anyway – thanks again to those three for doing that, and I hope to do more in the future covering a variety of topics. Next month, I’m going to talk to some people who had, or have quit their full time jobs to become an affiliate marketer.

I Love The Media:

Honestly – no-one knows how to manipulate the masses like the media.

You see it all over social networking, and even the “smartest” people get taken in hook, line and sinker.

One I saw yesterday – was an article about a couple trying a “crowd fund” to help them move from Canada to Scotland.

Of course everyone is IRATE over this. The article has over 30 shares on Facebook, almost 200 comments and then the actual article itself has tons fo comments too. People going mental about it – all falling into the newspapers hands, because that’s EXACTLY what they want. More sharing, more eyeballs, more people viewing, more people seeing the ads etc etc etc.

Just kills me how easily they manipulate people time and time again.

Viral Videos:

You all saw it – I hope so, anyway!

This video is great – and it has everything. Plus it inflicts so much emotion among the viewer. Most people are just talking about how heartwarming it is – but you can bet many people are jealous as all hell as well – not a bad thing. The small amount they paid on this is nothing compared to how much loyalty they bought, how many new people they attracted, and how many people will fly with them NEXT Christmas, hoping for the same thing.

It started me thinking about viral videos – we usually only see the ones that succeed(obviously), but what about those that fail? Then I started thinking about the only reality TV show I watch – The Apprentice/The Celebrity Apprentice.

For the last few seasons, they’ve been given a task one episode: “Make a Viral Video”. And oh man – it’s so cringeworthy it’s amazing. I highly recommend checking those episodes out, just so you can shake your heads at everything – the people making the video and their ideas, to the CEOs and managers wanting the video, and what they think a viral video is.

The Apprentice Season 12(Also known as Celebrity Apprentice Season 5) Episode 5 covers that.


Anderson Silva and his leg break is of course making the headlines – which is a shame because there was something more notable and sickening that came out of UFC 168 on the weekend.

Meisha Tate didn’t just have Katy Perrys “Roar” as her entrance music….BUT SHE CAME OUT SINGING AND DANCING IT. Is this MMA or a freaking nightclub?

Bitch deserved to have her arm ripped right off.

What Have You Done For You Lately?

With 2013 edging to a close – I’d like you to take some time to think about what you’ve did for yourself lately.

In the last few months, what have you did to actually increase your earnings? What steps have you taken in the always continual aim of adding more zeros to the end of your monthly affiliate cheques?

I don’t want to use the word “rut” – but I find a lot of affiliates get comfortable when they’re making a certain amount of money. It’s more than the majority of people and they start to relax more, and not focus as much. I look around at people who a year ago would work their asses off on existing projects and new projects – and now they’re what I would describe as comfortable.

They’re happy with what they’ve currently got, and are never really pushing for more.

One thing you have to realize is that in the affiliate world, things rarely last forever. That affiliate program who makes up 40% of your earnings? They could shut down overnight. That website of yours that brings in hundreds of signups per month making you tons on CPA? It could lose the rankings in a flash, hurting your income big time.

Bad shit happens all the time. Ask any affiliates around during the UIEGA, or Black Friday. Ask the major Amazon affiliates who woke up one morning to be told “Hey you live in Minnesota? Sorry we can no longer pay you the $30,000 per month you rely on”.

With New Years upon us and resolutions and recollections being made and discussed – take this time to look at where you want to be a year for now. Look at your main income source and think “If that disappeared overnight, would I be ok?”. If not, then now’s the time to start working even harder.

And on the resolution note – don’t wait 48 more bloody hours to quit smoking, hitting the gym or the 900 other things you plan on doing.

Start today. Start right freaking now.

The Early Bird catches the Worm. And starting your New Years Resolution two days BEFORE New Years hits?

I can’t think of a better way to end 2013.

Have a great New Years everyone.

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