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Affiliate Blogs

Welcome to the affiliate blogs section. This isn’t a list of every affiliate marketing blog online – this is a list of all the ones that I read and enjoy on a regular basis, and would recommend to others. Like you!

The information you will find on the below blogs varies – some of it is entertaining and some of it is educational – either way, it is always worth your time.

Also if you run a blog and don’t see it listed here – just hit me up and I’ll list it(as long as I enjoy reading it!)

Gambling Affiliate Blogs:

  • Dealer Dans Blog: Hey, that’s me! Just in case you missed it I do of course have my very own blog where I discuss a variety of topics in a light-hearted manner – topics that I can’t be bothered turning into a full-blown article.
  • Gaming Affiliates Guide: More than just a blog, Gaming Affiliaets Guide is a phenomenal resource for every affiliate out there. Interviews with the industry, full and detailed program reviews of over 150 affiliate programs, affiliate coaching, resources and of course all the latest gambling affiliate news. Highly recommended to add to your bookmarks.
  • Kevin “KevinMcC69” McClelland: Kev is one of my favourite affiliates and just a great person in general. He runs a variety of websites from brandable websites to small niche websites. His blog is always refreshing to read, as it’s full of honest posts and helpful advice for affiliates. Kevin has also recently started up the more general affiliate blog Drop Out Got Rich which is full of amazing info.
  • Randy “Ridge” Layman: Randy has almost as many kids as he does websites! Randy is a great guy who really “gets it” when it comes to search engine optimization, and he’s never afraid to tell it like it is.
  • Randy Ray: Randy used to do SEO for the likes of Pokerstars, and is one of the smartest people when it comes to search engine optimization, especially in the gambling field. Although he doesn’t update his blog that often anymore, the archives are a pure treasure trove of amazing information, and you should spend a good few hours reading everything he has ever written.
  • Nick “Hazo” Haslem: Nick is the man, and is one of the most open and honest people in the affiliate world. His blog is a great mix of education and personal stories, although I must admit I’m a bit peeved at his negative review of the greatest bar in Alberta, Earls.
  • Niko De Jonge Niko is another open and honest affiliate who isn’t afraid to tell it straight when it comes to his online marketing business. He covers the successes and failures of his marketing in his blog(hell that’s even the subtitle!) and talks about expanding into the non-gambling markets.
  • Matt Geer: Matt plays poker as well as does internet marketing, and covers both topics in his blog. He regularly provides updates about how his businesses are going.
  • Deniel “kushmoney” Merritt”: As of this writing Deniel isn’t the biggest affiliate, however his blog is great because he tracks his income every month with very detailed reports that I love reading. He also talks openly about techniques he is trying and it’s a very interesting read. The income reports are my favourite though as it’s great to see how things work for him on a month by month basis.
  • Adam “addz123”: Adam is a relatively new affiliate, who first started in the summer of 2009. Despite that, he has grasped the concepts of internet marketing rather quickly, and runs some very clean and solid websites like MosesBet. His blog is a great read as he talks openly about all the projects that he is currently working on, and it’s great to watch him progress. I have no doubt that Adam will be one of the “big fish” in a couple of years.
  • This is a great site ran by Unknown Webmaster, and it is a great way to keep updated on all Poker Affiliate Blogs. It pulls the RSS Feeds from many popular poker affiliate blogs and displays them in one easy place.

General Affiliate Blogs:

  • The Unknown Webmaster: Every time I visit his blog, the sub-title “The worlds biggest poker room” just kills me. UW doesn’t update too often, but when he does it is usually very interesting and educational. Unknown Webmaster provides some very smart and helpful information, especially when it comes to the likes of Google Analytics.
  • is an excellent resource, and bills itself as an “Affiliate Marketing News Aggregator”. It basically takes over 50 affiliate blog RSS Feeds and adds them all to the site. It’s a great way to keep updated on all the hot topics within the Affiliate Marketing world.
  • Michael “The SEO Theorist” Martinez: Michael is one of the smartest people around when it comes to SEO, and is one of the most helpful too. Michael is one of those people that give out SEO advice simply because he enjoys it, and always offers his opinions readily on any topic. Michael isn’t afraid to go against the grain, and is one of the people I respect the most in the SEO World.

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