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Thank USA It’s Monday

This week I’d like to thank the United States of America, in particular their soccer team for what they have did in the World Cup so far.

First of all – they are a great example of the sole purpose of hosting the World Cup in various countries; to help evolve the game in that area. Since hosting the World Cup in 1994, they’ve managed to qualify for the World Cup every time. Granted – not exactly the toughest competition, but considering they hadn’t qualified from 1954-1986 it says a lot.

Since 1994, the evolution of soccer in the USA has been fascinating to watch. To see more and more quality players come out from the USA, or the beginnings and then evolution of the MLS, and of course watching soccer grow at the grass roots level in the USA is a beautiful thing.

Of course even more fun – is watching some Americans comment on the World Cup.

It never fails to amuse me. With USA actually doing fairly well, more and more people are taking an interest in it. Yet they can’t just sit back and enjoy – they have to come up with ideas to “make it better”, and write about it in that “matter of fact” way where you just have to shake your head and laugh.

Some of the suggestions just blow my mind, and the highlight of the World Cup for me has seriously been just reading up random Americans thoughts on Facebook, Reddit and various sports forums. I’ve seen people suggest they play without goalkeepers, don’t have offsides, put up walls to stop the ball going out for throw-ins, making the pitch half the size, ban headers, make the net stretch the entire width of the pitch, remove free kicks and just give penalties. Always written in that “matter of fact” way as if they are all geniuses.

Either way though – it truly is great to see this sort of evolution. A 9.1 overnight rating was huge, plus it seem so many bars were just packed for the game and people were super into the match.

Hopefully that continues when the World Cup is over / USA are out. More packed bars for sporting events is NEVER a bad thing.

Phone Security:

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I lost my phone – left it in a cab. And gave advice and instructions for installing apps so that if you DO lose your phone, you can easily locate it.

However that is only part of the battle.

One other thing you need to do – is not just install the apps, but do some test runs. Make sure that if you DO lose your phone you’ll know exactly what to do immediately.

My friend took my advice, and installed a few apps. He lost his phone yesterday….and he had no idea what to do. He wasn’t registered online with some of the apps etc – basically despite installing the apps he hadn’t ran through the “oh crap my phone is lost” process so despite the installation of apps – he was still screwed.

So make sure to take it that step further – test out the apps you install, go through the process and understand exactly what to do if you lose your phone.

Thankfully my friends story has a happy ending.

One of the apps he installed was Secret Control and that has a great feature – when his battery level hit 1%, it sent him an e-mail notifying him of that. Even better is it sent him the exact location where the phone was, and informed him that it was in his house.

Ended up it was behind the back of a drawer – and if it wasn’t for that app, he would have never known and bought a new one.

Buh-Bye Firefox:

I’m not sure when I started using Firefox. It was in the version 1.X range for sure – which based on the way they push through updates and version numbers was probably last week. (Actually: 2002). But man – after 12 freaking years I am finally DONE.

I still remember how slick Firefox was as a browser when it first came out. I’ve always been the “alternate browser” guy. Back when people were using Netscape and Internet Explorer, I was using IE. Hell even with e-mails when everyone was using Eudora or Outlook, I generally prefered “The Bat!”.

However over the years Firefox has just got worse and worse. It’s amazing that I’d actually continually put up with it. Flash would crash pretty much every 30 minutes. Firefox would crash at least a couple of times per day. And worst of all – every bloody time they’d release a new update, key extensions that I used would become uncompatible.

More and more I’ve been using Chrome. I kept finding it hard to make the full switch for some reason – Chrome always felt just too “lightweight”. I also didn’t think I could survive without the Roboform Toolbar which never seemed to be an option.

However over the last week, Firefox just got worse and worse. I’m not sure what it was but it became just “sluggish” to a ridiculous degree. It got to the point where yep – I said screw this, and switched over to Chrome.

Loving Chrome too, I must say. Some really neat extensions, and the Roboform Toolbar IS there after all – just at the bottom, not the top.

There’s also something really nice about having my browsing history sync from my phones browser to desktop browser, tablet browser etc.

Another win for the Google Overlords.

Whew – anyway, sorry this article was a late one today. I slept in after a late night last night – nothing too bad, like 9:45am but man for some reason sleeping in always depresses me. I’ve been sluggish all day, slowly working but not accomplishing anywhere near as much as I want to do. And sometimes all the coffee in the world, all the motivational quotes in the world etc just can’t get you out of that slump.

Then you just call it a day with the resolve to tackle the world fresh the next day. I mean seriously – in an attempt to post this article I managed to post it to the wrong website. TWICE.

Time to call it a day and resolve to work extra hard tomorrow.

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