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(NOT RECOMMENDED!) FanDuel Affiliates Review

Note: All Affiliate Program reviews are revised and updated on a monthly basis for total accuracy. This Fanduel Affiliates review was last updated on .

October 20th, 2016 Update: I have added FanDuel Affiliates to my “Not Recommended” list. The reason for that is very simple – complete lack of communication from their affiliate department. An issue arose for me months ago – something which should have been sorted easily. Instead months later it’s still not sorted and their communication throughout the process is abysmal.

Things like that really concern me because it shows that FanDuel Affiliates to not care about affiliates and I cannot recommend them at this time.

The original FanDuel Affiliates review will remain online for full transparency below.

I’ve been working with FanDuel since 2010. My good friend and former Full Tilt affiliate manager Cameron Boal started there as head of the affiliate department, and brought me on board to promote them.

In the beginning, FanDuel was hard to promote, as were any daily fantasy sports websites. It was a new concept that had not yet caught on. Hell even now it’s still a very new industry – most people I know, who are fantasy sports diehards are completely unaware of the concept.

Of course with the legal situation etc in the States it doesn’t make things easy – but FanDuel are still going strong despite all of that and their affiliate department, unlike Draftkings, has been solid.

All it takes is one person to try it out, and then he tells his group of friends about it and it grows from there. It’s very easy to become hooked on it, and the retention from places like FanDuel is very easy – simply keep offering daily fantasy sports!

FanDuel currently offer NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Basketball and Football. They offer revenue share of 25%-35% depending on your net revenue.

FanDuel use the Income Access backend. Like it or hate it – you’ll no doubt be familiar with it, which is always a plus. They’ve got a decent amount of banners that cover the basics. You can also choose from a variety of different landing pages which is nice – and the pages are quick to explain the basics for example same-day cash payouts, and the entry fee range.

My experience with FanDuel has been nothing but solid. I’d like to see more e-mail marketing from them as I think that’s where they’re lacking – but the retention there has been great and I’ve got players I signed up a couple of years ago who still play to this day.

I’ll also get into this in a second – but don’t think you need a “daily fantasy sports” website to bring traffic to FanDuel. Just the opposite – if you have any sports traffic in general, THAT is who I would be promoting FanDuel to.

Head on over to FanDuel Affiliates and give them a try.

How I Promote FanDuel Affiliates:

Like I said above – I would NOT go with a dedicated daily fantasy sports website to promote the likes of FanDuel.

Why? Because that’s what everyone else is doing!

See – everyone is looking for the “next big thing”. And while I don’t think Daily Fantasy Sports will ever have the boom period that online poker did, I do think it will be a lot bigger as it catches on, and people become more comfortable with it. However people are launching new daily fantasy sports sites every day, and that portion of things is going to become incredibly oversaturated.

Instead – go for sports traffic. If you have it already then great – and if you don’t, then go get some! Start a niche tips site, or a niche news site or something like that – anything to get sports traffic.

Then introduce them to daily fantasy sports.

Lay it out for them. That’s the thing – most people are unsure about daily fantasy sports. My clickthrus->conversions ratio is brutal and there’s a reason for that – people still don’t fully understand what it is or how it works.

That’s what I do at my sites – I take the time to explain it to them. When I do a tips post at I’m not just promoting it – I’m telling them how I did last night, showing screenshots and explaining how it works.

That’s how I promote fantasy sports websites like FanDuel – I have existing sports traffic, and I go with the K.I.S.S. method and promote it to that traffic.

So far it’s been working very well.

So head on over to FanDuel Affiliates, sign up and start sending your sports traffic there today.


Do FanDuel Affiliates Offer CPA?

Yes. It’s $25-$35 and is on a tiered scale. Personally I would always go with revenue share. I’ll make at least double that on the average player.

Does FanDuel Affiliates Have Negative Carryover?

Yes, but it’s not something you really need to worry about. It’s only if players are spending bonuses or FDP and aren’t playing much and I’ve never had my account go into the negative once since 2010.

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