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Interview with Peter Larsson,

Welcome to 10 Questions With…Peter Larsson, Affiliate Manager of Everyone is so desperate to promote online poker rooms, that it seems they forget that people actually play offline too. A lot. Poker nights. Home games. Local tournaments. I’m pretty sure I could go to any city in North America, and be able to find at least one poker game going on.

Using Google Keyword Tool, “full tilt poker” gets 301,000 searches a month compared to 450,000 for “poker chips”, and “rakeback” gets 110,000 searches a month, compared to 300,000 for “poker table”. So without a doubt, offline poker material is a huge niche that amazingly not many affiliates market.

I am interviewing today Peter Larsson from have an excellent affiliate program, with 15% commission on all gross sales and tracking cookies that don’t expire. In business since 2003, is one of the most trustworthy, reliable services when it comes to offering poker merchandise, ranging from chipsets, tables and cards to WPT mirrors and chip trays.

Please Note: Poker Shopping is promoted through ShareASale, so the sub-affiliate link will take you to ShareASale, not Poker Shopping. To visit Poker Shopping and read more about it, click here. To sign up as an affiliate, please click here. Thanks!

Let’s find out a bit more about…

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Peter. Could you tell me about your history in online marketing and the poker affiliate world?
First off I want to Thank you Dan for this unique opportunity. To start off, I’m relatively new to the online marketing field although I have been in “offline” marketing for 8 years or so. I really enjoy the poker affiliate world and find it rather exciting to deal with people with similar interest.
You are the affiliate manager of, a website on poker supplies for the poker player. What exactly does offer?
That’s right Dan, we offer everything that a poker enthusiast needs. Whether a beginner or an expert, we have chips, tables, weights, cards and everything in between. We even sell the right stuff to make your poker room the highlight of the house, such as mirrors, stools and little poker gadgets to grasp your buddies attention and make them want to only play poker at your house.
Why should the poker player choose over other poker supplies?
That’s an easy answer Dan. Ever since we started in 2003, PokerShopping has always offered the greatest variety of high quality products at the lowest prices – guaranteed. We strive to beat our competitors prices all while offering unsurpassed customer service with that personal touch. We also offer Paulson and NexGen chips which we all know are the cream of the crop for any serious poker player.
And why should the poker affiliates choose to promote
This where PokerShopping really shines Dan! We offer 15% commission on gross sales which is the highest commission offered to affiliates in the industry. We do not know of any other poker supplies websites that offer this. Because of our lowest price guarantee of the most sought after poker supplies, our conversion is at the top of its game! has a lot of stock to offer. Do you send out any updates to affiliates about new stocks, any discounts etc?
You’re right Dan, since we own our warehouse filled with products, this allows us to offer many discounts on already low price guarantee supplies. Not only do we notify affiliates of continuous discount codes, we even have a product feed that allows affiliates to integrate our products into their own “store” if you will. This product feed has proven to be very successful and our partners seem to love it!
What marketing material do you offer affiliates? And do you offer any offline marketing material at this time, or any type of unique landing pages for the affiliate? has quite an abundance of material for our affiliates to take advantage of. Not only the popular product feed as I mentioned earlier, we also have a mini store, banners and text links. Furthermore, we let affiliates know that promoting in a non-intrusive way has also proven to be successful. For example, publishing poker articles such as shopping guides, table reviews and chip comparisons etc lets an affiliate leverage a good ranking in Google. This will drive new traffic to the site and generate additional income. has a lot of items available. Chipsets, card protectors, playing cards,and so much more. If the affiliate is to add some of your products to an existing site, based on both conversions and the revenue they can get from each sale, what products would you recommend they start promoting?
The poker tables, such as the popular Ultimate Table and the high end chips like Paulson and NexGen are the highest earners due to the price but our best sellers are the less expensive Dice and Suited 500 piece chip set as well as the economical and convenient Holdem Table Top and the 2 in 1 Table Top. It all depends on the demographics of each of the affiliates visitors.
Based on history with previous affiliates and your knowledge of the market in general, if an affiliate integrates this into their existing sites how good are click-thrus and conversions going to be, compared to setting up a specific niche site on “poker tables”?
It’s always better to target a visitor towards a specific product and you might see higher conversions from niche sites. However, due to the range of products we carry, any poker related site will experience good conversions.
What demographics do you think the affiliates should be ideally promoting to?
Well Dan, we all know that poker is relatively popular with the young and old and men and women alike, but I would have to say if you are focusing on one demographic, then younger men are the one that seems to favor this game.
What closing advice and suggestions do you have for the affiliates reading who are interested in promoting
I would say that this is an excellent opportunity to diversify your income, especially since we offer the highest commission in the industry at 15% and our cookie never expires! By the way Dan, our competitor’s cookie lasts only for 45 days! Furthermore, we take care of our affiliates and if they ever need anything or have any questions they can always contact me and I will get back with them in a timely manner.
Thank you very much for the interview Peter. Start working with Peter today – sign up as a affiliate here.

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