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Thank Chance It’s Monday

This Monday I wanted to thank the wonderful thing called Chance – both taking, and giving.

I thought about it this morning, while outside on my nice, comfortable pool chair. Enjoying the first sunny weekend of 2015 here in Canada and doing work in a relaxed manner, I couldn’t help but think about how all that was due to one thing: taking a chance.

If I’d never taken that chance, I’d be spending my Monday in a stuffy office, dealing with whining, negative people and office politics.

However I also thought a lot more about giving chances.

I’m sure you know somebody who has been struggling to get a job, or get a good job. When asked about it, often their problem is that places won’t hire them based on lack of experience.

And then the question arises: how the bloody hell are they meant to get that experience?

That’s why often when I am hiring people, I look for the people who don’t really have any sort of resume. Whether it be content writers or coders on desk, graphic designers with a very small portfolio.

Does it work out? Not always. But it has the same success rate approximately compared to hiring someone WITH a lot of experience.

And it often works out better.

It works out better because you gave that person a chance. So when they work for you, they’re going to be hungry and wanting to prove their worth. They’re going to do the best possible job they can. And that works out in both your favours – you get the great job you’re looking for, and they get a solid reference and possibly future employment.

It’s something that will pay off down the road too. Many people I’ve given a chance to over the years – be it coders, graphic designers or content writers – will remember that. And when I come to them with more work, I get both priority and fair prices.

So the next time you’re looking at outsourcing something, consider giving someone a chance.

It can take just one to turn someones life around.


Something I am really looking forward to over the next few years is watching the complete and utter death of boxing.

It’s amazing that with all the millions flowing through it, with all the people involved – that it’s become such a joke of a sport. All because the people involved in it refuse to evolve.

An example of good evolution – WWE Wrestling. They lost some of their top stars in the last decade – Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Brock Lesnar. This was really bad for WWE as these are people that drew. Worse was the circumstances surrounding their departures.

This was an entirely new thing for the wrestling world – wrestlers leaving wrestling. In the older days it would be to go to another company. But now you had people quitting because they hated the company and doing their own projects, going into movies or NFL/MMA.

These departures hurt them badly. But they changed. They evolved. They became less about the names of the wrestlers, and more about the company themselves: WWE. These days they don’t sell you on shows by saying “John Cena is coming to town” – it’s the WWE circus is coming to town.

UFC is similar. While they have the major names and push them strongly – they evolved. They put on good shows more often than not, they have strong cards from top to bottom. While the casuals tune in just for the Ronda Rouseys and Jon Jones; you still get a lot of average fans who will tune in purely for the UFC brand name, knowing full well you are guaranteed a good card. This weekend for example – people tuned in purely for the Mark Hunt name(and what a disaster that turned out to be). But the main event isn’t the only water cooler talk – there was all the awesome submission finishes, the quick KOs by O’Connell and Whittaker etc.

Not to say UFC is without it’s faults – there really is heavy oversaturation there – but it’s still working.

Then you have boxing. A complete one trick pony. I’ve been a boxing fan since I was a little kid – being Scottish, Barry McGuigan was a major sporting hero growing up. And it’s amazing watching how the sport continues to screw it up. Time and time again.

Mayweather vs Pacquaio was a prime example of that. You had so many eyeballs on this match; and it was the perfect time to try and hook people to boxing. Put on a solid undercard – just one good fight was all it needed. One good fight that would have people talking. One fight that after the #MayPac water cooler talk has died down, you’d say “But did you see that knockout by Joe Smith?”.

Nope. As always, boxing throws out an undercard that doesn’t matter. Gives people no reason to tune into boxing again, or interest in any other fighter.

Just amazing. And now Mayweather Jr. is retiring apparently – although I think he’ll do at least two more fights. But it’s just crazy to think how much that sport has shot itself in the foot. It doesn’t have to be that way.

This is the type of thing where you should set yourself a marketing project: how would you fix boxing? And don’t just throw ideas out there. Actually sit down, study the boxing industry and the PPV industry, look at forums etc. So that you could actually submit a legitimate business plan to the world of boxing.

It’s amazing how much you can learn from something like that, and how simple things like “streamlining the weight divisions and championship belts” can apply to your own work.

No Trips:

I’ll end this one on a personal excitement note – I have no trips planned for MONTHS!

It seems I’m away every month, if not more. In the past few months I’ve went to the likes of Vegas, Scotland and various other places – and it’s just been a constant stream of trips.

It’s so nice to be able to look at my calendar, and see that for the upcoming months – I have no major trips planned.

Of course they’re looming. Come the end of the year there are multiple trips to Europe planned, Vegas, Texas, New Orleans, Mexico and more. But at least for the next 3 months every trip I go on will be (a) with my family and (b) within driving distance.

It’s ridiculous just how excited I am about staying at home and putting my nose to the grindstone.

It’s going to be a very productive Summer!

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