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Motivation for Writing Content

The new Poker Affiliate Bible is getting close to the content writing stage. And as I sit down to write 100,000 words of content, I can’t help but think back to something I was told many years ago, that always keeps me motivated when it comes to writing content…

When I first started marketing in the online gambling world, I hired my friend Brandon on a temporary basis. We had worked on many projects before and I wanted him to help me jumpstart the business, specifically when it came to writing content.

Brandon was hired purely as a temp and on a 6 month contract.

Years later he still works with me as my assistant, and main content writer.

Brandon managed to make this position permanent by simply wowing me. Despite knowing next to knowing about gambling, he was writing in excess of 3,000 words per day of quality content related to gambling. Despite being an excellent content writer and knowing the gambling world like it was my the back of my hand, I found it hard to keep up with the speed that he was doing articles.

It amazed me, because he never missed a day, never took a break, and wrote excellent content day after day, on a topic that for the most part, was foreign to him. I really had no choice but to make him a permanent employee, as he had earned it and then some.

After about a year of Brandon working for me, and still keeping up the excellent quality and quantity when it came to content writing, I couldn’t help but ask:

“How do you do it? How do you manage to produce all these articles day after day?”

His response was:

“Before writing every article, I tell myself that this one article is going to make us $10,000. Suddenly the quality of the article becomes that much more important, and it’s a hell of a lot easier to write.”

That’s something I remember to this day, and it’s because it is true. I’ve picked up casino whales on some random article on whether or not you should tip the dealer. I’ve picked up $5k a month rakers from that “Rules of 7 Card Stud” article.

Whenever I build a new website, I generally start with 15,000 words of content. It may seem like a daunting task – but it isn’t.

Because before every article I’ll tell myself that this one article will make me $10,000. Then suddenly, that article is a hell of a lot easier to write.

Try it sometime.

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