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Fairway Casino Affiliates (Closed)

The Fairway Casino Affiliate Program is closed, as of February 2012. They have now moved on to Live Casino Partners.

It was essentially a buyout. Fairway Casino once had its own affiliate program. However in 2012 purchased Fairway Casino and the affiliate program. All signups etc were moved over to LCP so there were no issues there.

Fairway Casino remains online to this day and you can promote them via Live Casino Partners.

The original Fairway Casino Affiliate Program review will remain online for archival purposes.

Fairway Casino Affiliates is the affiliate program exclusively for Fairway Casino.

Fairway Casino is a phenomenal casino to promote to your players because they use Visionary iGaming Software(VIG) which is an excellent and relatively new live gaming software provider. Therefore, Fairway has a ton of unique offerings to offer the player.

In terms of games, Fairway Casino offers Live Dealer Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack. In fact they are one of the only casinos to offer Live European Roulette from both a studio environment, (their own in Costa Rica), and from a real brink and mortar casino, The Sporting Emporium in Dublin, Ireland.

They also offer a solid variety of the standard table games plus some neat twists on them like Blackjack 6 Card Charlie and Tropical Poker.

Fairway Casino has a selection of video poker games and some great slots to attract the player. I particularly liked the slot machine “Sex on the Beach”, an adult themed slot but done in a humorous way (think Leisure Suit Larry). Slot machines like that are great tools to attract new slots players who have came to your portal via non-money terms.

From an affiliate perspective, Fairway Casino Affiliates are exceptional. Fairway Affiliates use Income Access software, and their Affiliate Director is Gian Perroni. Gian has been around the industry for a long time, and is extremely experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to running an affiliate program. Communication between us has always been prompt, informative and helpful.

For all new Fairway Casino Affiliates, Fairway offers a variety of great features like:

  1. Free €50 Player Account to test out the software.
  2. No deductions
  3. No minimum payment threshold.
  4. Beginning revenue share of 33%.
  5. No negative carryover.

Fairway has a quality affiliate program, and with the unique casino like Fairway Casino to offer to your players, I highly recommend promoting them.


Fairway Casino is the only brand offered by the Fairway Affiliate Program.

Fairway Casino does not accept players from the USA. Fairway Casino uses the Visionary iGaming Software.

One really neat and unique thing about Fairway Casino is its theme – it’s a golf style theme (hence the name). It’s the perfect balance of marketing because it won’t turn off non-golf enthusiasts, but it will appeal a lot more to the golf fan.

Fairways Rewards Program utilizes the golf theme, as it’s known as “the clubhouse”. Their rewards program is still in the beginning stages, however all new depositors will receive a free sleeve of custom golf balls which is a great idea. They also give away new golf drivers to real money players every week.

Fairway’s standard deposit bonus is a 100% to €100 deposit bonus, and Moneybookers depositors get 100% up to €200. Currently they are offering a €1,000 bonus which consists of a 200% initial deposit bonus up to €200 and 4 redeposit bonuses of 50% up to another €200 EUR each.

Fairway also offer a wide variety of standard additional bonuses including a 15% bonus on every re-deposit, and special themed bonuses like “Fantastic Friday” bonuses, and a “Hot Summer Nights” bonus for the Summer.

Fairway also have an industry unique “Best Bonus Guarantee” program whereby they will match any published initial or redeposit bonus from any other online casino.

This is another really neat conversion promotion for your players, as it encourages them to open communication with the casino, which is a great step when it comes to conversions.


This is the Fairway Casino Affiliated Tiered Revenue Share scale:

Fairway Casino

Net Rev Rev Share
$0-$10k 33%
$10k-$30k 36%
$30k+ 40%

Fairway Casino affiliates will also work with affiliates on CPA or Hybrid Deals.


When it comes to marketing Fairway Casino, you really do have a lot of options. First of all if you run a golf site then this is a no-brainer, get Fairway up there, and get them up now! It’ll sell itself.

Fairway will also work with affiliates on unique landing pages, and I’ll quote Gian on this: “we will make anything anyone wants”. Fairway understand the importance of conversion from an affiliates perspective, and will work to make sure your conversion rates are the highest possible.

Fairway Casino offers a lot of different features for the player, and covers the majority of casino players. One great thing is that they always have timely marketing like their “Hot Summer Nights” promotion going during the Summer.

With the unique type of games and software available at Fairway, you can market them to practically any player. The live dealer games are always a great selling point, and they have a lot of excellent slot machines that should attract the slots players. Try some slot apps on Fliptroniks.

Fairway Casino also offer a great banner selection for affiliates to use covering a variety of different promotions, displayed below:

Really, when it comes to marketing and promotional offers Fairway Casino offer a great variety of unique promotions. The “bonus match” one is in particular fantastic and one of those things I shake my head at, and wonder why no other casino has ever came up with the concept. People love getting “deals” and “one over” on any company, and if they feel they are negotiating their own bonus then they’ll flock in droves.


Fairway Casino software is 100% online based software. This means that players with any operating system are able to play at Fairway Casino. Windows and Mac users are able to use the instant play casino with ease.

Fairway Casino is a great website to target to European players, with their casino page translated into a wide variety of languages. Fairway Casino is currently in English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

Fairway also offers marketing material in a variety of different languages.

US players are unable to play at Fairway Casino.

Fairway Casino use social networking extensively, with accounts on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Q: How do Fairway Casino pay affiliates?

Fairway affiliates can get paid via player account, Moneybookers, Electronic Transfer, Neteller or Paypal. Remember, there is no minimum payment threshold.

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