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TFIM: Thank Fireball It’s Monday

Welcome to TFIM: Thank Fireball It’s Monday.

“Fireball?” I hear you ask. Why would I be thanking one of these?

Well actually I’m not. No, I am thanking this:

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, one of my favourite drinks of all time. As I mentioned last week, it’s March Break this week which means both my kids are off. My wife sadly isn’t – instead she’s got exams, and is studying like crazy.

I will also be doing something that ends in crazy…it’s called going crazy. So I’m going to be relying on Fireball to get me through the next week. Soon as the kids are in bed I’ll be trusting my wonderful Fireball to KMTFO, so I can get up bright and early and have a couple of hours of work before the gruesome twosome wake up.

If you don’t have kids, you have no idea what they’re like without school to keep them occupied. Something as sweet as this:

Turns into this after just 3 days:

You don’t want to see what it’s like after 5 days. Trust me.

Let’s get on with TFIM.

Awesomeness Part 2

Last week I posted about my new TV Setup. Here it is again in case you missed it:

Well I finally got around to installing a program called “fences” on my computer. It’s one of those programs I’ve been meaning to install for awhile.

What it basically does is allow you to organize your desktop icons into “categories”. Here’s a screenshot – click for big:

It’s just ridiculously sick, and I’m only using the free version – will probably buy the pro version later this week. One of those tiny little organizational tools that change your productivity in a very positive way.

You can try fences for free here.

Video Of The Week:

Fantastic viral ad from Heineken:

What I really dig about it is this – it’s the type of ad people are going to tell their friends. Even better, there’s the chance that people will tell their friends about it while at the pub. And using the power of suggestion, there’s a good possibility that by the end of the night, non-Heineken drinkers might just give it a try.

I know when I saw the ad and told some people about it, in the back of my head I was thinking “I should have a Heineken!”

It’s great because it’s a commercial, but doesn’t come across as one. More of a Candid Camera type deal, which just happens to be brought to you by Heineken.

Hopefully they follow that up with some more ads of the same type.

Makes Me Laugh:

My wife is so used to all the random internet shit I’m up to, that when I ask her to take a picture of me holding up a Tim Hortons mug while wearing a toque, sunglasses and scarf covering my whole face while inside the house like this:

She doesn’t even bat an eyelid, never mind ask what I’m doing. Just snaps the picture, and goes on with eating her lunch.

Article I Wrote:

I wrote an article for Gaffg about selecting a sportsbook that offers current and unique events.

Mainly to talk about Bovada/Bodog allowing people to bet on what team Peyton Manning will sign for.

These sort of props are always great, because not only can they attract a lot of new signups in a more broad market, but they get a TON of press. Practically every mainstream website mentioned that you could get on it, listing the odds from those sites.

If someone reads about Bovada/Bodog on another site that they trust – even if they don’t sign up(some of the mainstream sites didn’t link back), they’re still going to have it in the back of their head – and if they come to your site and see Bovada/Bodog pushed, it can really help in pushing them to signup.

Gmail is Awesome:

I use one specific gmail address to subscribe to practically every mailing list out there. It’s always good to get ideas for when doing my own mailers – you have no idea how many times I’ve ripped off concepts or ideas from the likes of the EB Games Newsletter, or TravelAlerts etc.

Well when I was cleaning it up the other day, I selected all the e-mail displayed and went to “archive” it. Unfortunately I hit “report/move to spam” instead. Up popped this:

I thought that was really cool, and a small feature of Gmail I hadn’t seen before. Honestly it’s a large part of why Google are so big – they like to look for the little things to improve user experience. Maybe not so much in the last year or so – but prior to that they always seemed to focus on the user experience more than everything else, and it’s just small things like that which show why they’re so good.

Uh Oh:

I hear footsteps. Unfortunately I’ve been preaching to my son about how “the early bird always catches the worm” and he’s taken the words to heart. He is now getting up at 6am every morning, no matter what tricks we pull. Sigh, I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

I’m going to switch off for now. Wish me luck for a loooooooooooong week ahead.

First stop: the liquor store for some more Fireball~!

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