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Thank Bye Weeks It’s Monday

Anyone who is in a Fantasy Football League, got to the playoffs AND managed to get a bye week this week knows exactly what I am talking about.

I managed to win my division in the Poker Affiliate Listings Fantasy Football League to get a bye week and man – is it ever nice. It was awesome yesterday to just sit down and watch football and not care that certain players are having bad games, or start freaking out because Le’Veon Bells TD was chopped off or anything like that.

The fact that my Patriots and Tom Brady put on another late clinic made it all the better.

Although Gronk injured again. Seriously?

Speaking of Fantasy Football…

If you’re not watching it, you need to watch the show The League.

Holy crap is that a great show. You don’t even need to watch Fantasy Football to enjoy it. My wife loves it and she probably couldn’t name an NFL team let alone a player but we are in hysterics at it.

So yes. Try it out – just amazing. Rafi may be the greatest TV character of all time.

Lack of Routine:

Man, I miss routine.

Long-term readers will know how much I value routine – especially considering the job of an affiliate marketer. It’s so wide-open and all in your own hands. And with no boss harassing you it’s so easy to get distracted etc.

Over the last couple of years my wife was off at university so I was basically playing single parent which forced me into a very strict routine. Personally I loved it. Taking care of all the meals, going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 5am etc. It was awesome, and I felt like a badass for being so disciplined.

But now my wife is finished uni and she’s taking some time off before getting a job – and it reminds me what a lazy sack of undisciplined shit I can be! Now no longer am I reading a book, think “one more chapter” but take a look at the clock and then think I better go to sleep. Now I’m like “screw this, time to brew some coffee and stay up for a few hours and read the rest of this!”.

My 5am mornings would start with a workout, then getting caught up on e-mail correspondence and doing all the tips for my betting tips sites for the day. All that BEFORE the kids were awake and I was making them breakfast. Now? I’m stumbling out of bed between 7am-9am, throwing on a coffee and then playing the XBox until the caffeine kicks in. (Tomb Raider is all kinds of awesome BTW).

But it’s not a bad thing. I like being reminded of my flaws – as long as I learn from them, and I use them to better myself.

That applies to the affiliate world because I know many affiliates, including myself, who at times think they are “king shit”. Everything they touches will turn to gold. It’s a nice reminder when you build a website and it does utter crap – but rather than just forget about the site and give up on it, you look at WHY it’s doing crap, and use that to better yourself in the future.

As Richard Bach said – mistakes are unexpected learning experiences.

You just have to confront them dead on and immediately, rather than trying to sweep them to the side.

Time Limited Niche Site Again:

It’s amazing the fun I get out of building a time limited niche website.

The latest project is which is basically a Christmas casino guide reviewing all Christmas slots and other games, as well as listing Christmas promotions.

I’ve no idea how it will do, but as long as you have a big brandable site, then sites like this are basically zero risk – another good reason to have a brandable site. For example if it doesn’t work out – it’s just a case of moving all the content to Casino Answers and 301ing it, giving that site a boost.

There’s a lot of opportunity for time limited niche sites in 2014, with the World Cup and the Winter Olympics to name just a few. I’d recommed trying one of those out because it’s so much different than your regular affiliate site.


On this day of giving thanks, I need to thank my friend Taff.

There’s a video game series people in the UK will be familiar with; the Football Manager series. For those not familiar with it – it’s basically got a stronger addiction level than the Civlization games.

The new one, Football Manager 2014, came out a month or so ago. Both me and Taff made a bet on who would crack and buy it first, with neither of us wanting to get sucked into that video game addiction again.

I’ve been close to cracking, but kept putting it off. I knew Taff would crack first as he sent me screenshots of him at the Steam checkout page, with the game in his cart, so close to giving up.

Yesterday when we were going grocery shopping, our car broke down. What’s worse is this car is on its last legs as it is and this is probably the tipping point.

While waiting for a tow, sitting in the car all alone with the snow landing all around me, I could’ve been thinking about what a fun Christmas surprise I’d just been given – having to go car shopping just 2 weeks before Christmas.

But then I got a message from Taff. “Check your e-mail”. I did, and there was a random bunch of letters in an e-mail from him. I asked what it was and he replied “I cracked and bought it. So I decided to buy you a copy too so you won’t laugh at me.”

So rather than spending the time waiting for the tow truck full of negative thoughts, I was busy planning out my tactics, deciding what team I would go etc.

Always funny when things work out like that. And now with the car out of commission I’ve got nowhere to go – meaning I get to stay in all day today and play Football Manager.

Everything happens for a reason. At least – it’s a lot nicer when you think of the bad stuff that way.

Have a great week!

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