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Marketing: It’s All Around Us – Product Reviews

Newjabber asked me to do a follow-up post to my article Marketing: It’s All Around Us. He wanted me to actually review the products that I had purchased.

So hey sure, why not?

Pepsi Throwback Review

I’ve never been a pepsi fan – it’s always tasted way too “chemically” for my liking…which is funny as I enjoy coca-cola, which can take the rust off a freaking nail! It does have a different taste to it though, and if you enjoy Pepsi you oughta try it. You probably won’t switch to it all the time, but it’s different and a decent alternative.

Saw 2 for XBox 360 Review

I’m not a huge fan of the SAW movie series – I watched the first three and thought they were mostly average. SAW 3 was probably the best of the bunch, as the storyline really kicked into high gear there. I gave up the series about 30 minutes into SAW 4 as it was just too boring.

I had played SAW 1 for XBox 360 and it was awesome – a fun game built around various puzzles. SAW 2 is practically the same – with a wilder variety of puzzles. It’s fun, but there’s two problems: the first problem is if you don’t bother with collectibles in games, you’ll find that the game is really short. Like 4-5 hours maxium. If you DO go for collectibles and achievements, then it actually takes you out of the gameplay, and ruins the fun of the game.

Still worth a rental though.

The Bourne Trilogy: Blu-Ray Review

There’s a lot of great movie trilogys; Back to the Future; Die Hard; Indiana Jones. However for me, the #1 trilogy by far is the Bourne movies. I find most of the others have a weak movie amongst them, while The Bourne trilogy is just three movies of complete and utter awesome.

Plus it’s Blu-Ray, which of course just makes everything all the more awesome. Once you watch one movie in that format, you’re hooked and you’ll never buy a new movie in regular DVD format.

Doritos Limited Onion Rings & Ketchup Flavour Review

These were okay – nothing special. However I tried the “B” flavour too, and oh holy crap were they good. They are buffalo wings & ranch flavour, and are so goddamn unique. They start off “hot” then cool down – kind of like actually eating chicken wings and then dipping them in ranch.

I rarely buy chips, but it’s very likely that when I do, they’ll be my “go to” bag of chips.

Skim Milk Review

It’s milk, what else can I say? I used to drink 2% then 1% – but you get used to skim milk and there’s really no point drinking 2% or 1% as the taste really isn’t that different. Goe’s great with my morning all bran!

Tons of Crap from Value Village Review

A whole pile of crap my wife bought. My review? All destined for the garbage.

Cadburys Creme Egg Review

Phenomenal. I hate it for being so goddamn tasty. I can’t think of any other “treats” I like as much as this.

Also ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of getting one of those big easter eggs – just completely FILLED with the creme that’s in these eggs. I don’t believe Cadburys have made that yet – but I’m sure before I die I’ll have eaten one of those bad boys one Easter morning.

A Touch Lamp Review

Lamp itself is fine, but we got one of those Eco-friendly bulbs which doesn’t work in it. Basically the “touch” factor didn’t work, and it also had a very loud BUZZING noise which was annoying. Eventually it just crapped out and we changed it to a regular 40 watt bulb, and it works fine.

Meat Lovers Calzone Review

This was phenomenal. It’s a calzone with Chorizo sausage, pepperoni, grilled chicken, roasted garlic & red peppers then the blend of cheese. They have it as the special every couple of weeks and I’m always getting it.

Although I must say it gave my stomach and system quite the workout the other night. For those unaware I used to be a vegetarian for years, and I still have periods in my life where I’ll go vegetarian for a long period of time. Well I went veggie for the last couple of weeks then I ate this again on Tuesday and yikes, I thought my stomach was going to explode on Wednesday!

Memory Booster App Review

Easy to install, seems to do the job fine. I don’t know the inner workings of the Blackberry OS to really say for sure; but it did seem to clear up space when possible, and made my Blackberry run smoothly.

And that’s it. I can’t wait to start ranking #1 for Skim Milk Review. Goldmine keyword for sure!

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