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Thank Pebble It’s Monday

This week I’m giving thanks to the next marvel in the evolution of technology – smart watches. In particular, Pebble.

There have been many smartwatches over the years – but one of the most revolutionary ones in breaking smartwatches into the mainstream was Pebble. They had perfect timing, launching just as Kickstarter was becoming more mainstream and with a goal of $100,000 became the biggest kickstarter ever for the time, at almost $5 million dollars.

They then made the smart decision to go back for another Kickstarter when they launched the Pebble Time, their third generation watch. It garnered a lot of media attention, and also a lot of controversy with people stating “this isn’t what Kickstarter is meant for”. But it became a massive success with over $20 million dollars in funding.

They are a really cool company to watch at the moment, and one that is going to be fascinating to watch in the future. They were able to go back to the well once more with this Kickstarter – but can they do it again? With Apple and Samsung getting into the smartwatch market in a big way – it’s going to be a real fun market to watch over the next few years.

I decided to back the new Pebble kickstarter, and purchase my first ever smart watch. After having it for a week, I thought I should dedicate an article to discussing it.

Why I Bought A Smartwatch:

I’m not a watch person. I went years without wearing a watch. Over the last year I purchased a $100 g-shock and have been wearing that.

However I feel as a marketer, as an entrepreneur, as someone who makes money running his own versatile business – I should be aware of all of the current popular technologies. Anything that is making its way into the mainstream I should be on top of. I may not be an Apple fan – but they are bloody popular devices, which is why I’ve got an iPad as well as my Android tablets.

It’s not just devices. It’s anything that is making it big. People talking about that new Periscope app? Time to download it and see what’s up. Daily Fantasy Sports are big – even if you’re not a fan of fantasy sports or sports in general – you should still try one of those sites out to see what the big deal is. Podcasts are huge – you can bet I’ve listened to my fair share.

People live streaming video games and thousands watching them play – I don’t get it. but rest assured I’ve watched a ton of them. This whole Oculus VR and HoloLens stuff – it’s not something that appeals to me but I’ll be checking it out regardless.

It’s something any good entreprenuear should be doing – staying aware of what is popular with people, why it is popular and then seeing if there is any way to make money from it.

Why I Chose A Pebble:

I don’t own an iPhone, so Apple Watch was out. I was tempted by the Galaxy Gear. However I went with Pebble Time, the latest watch that Pebble had just created. I think it’s important to always jump in a generation or so later – that’s when things are usually running very smoothly and they’ve figured out what features were necessary but missing from the first generation. You can tell Android are still all over the place with everything they’ve got going.

Battery life was a big factor too – and really, I wanted to jump in with a very simple watch. Much like building a website or business – start small and simple, and evolve slowly. After looking at all the watches available, Pebble Time was the one to go with.

Thoughts So Far:

I’ve had the Pebble Time for a week now.

Holy crap, I’m hooked.

It kills me just how quick something like this can become a huge part of your life. Working out and get a text message? No need to stop to grab my phone, unlock it etc – just flick the wrist and there’s the message. Ability to reply via voice message, having the weather etc on there. Man, it’s great.

It’s one of those things where now I wonder how I survived without it. I’m able to keep track of notifications easier – and the vibrating wrist is something that wakes me up like no alarm clock could. Battery life is fantastic on it – and it’s got a really cool feature where when the battery gets to 0% it still functions as a watch for an additional 12 hours.

It’s amazing how it has replaced my phone too. It’s 6pm as I’m writing this and I realized I’ve legitimately not touched my phone all day. It’s just been sitting on my desk. I’ve used my watch for all notifications, and to reply to any texts.

Maybe with time, in a generation or so I’ll go with a Samsung. Once they’ve got everything running smoothly. But right now I’m too busy thanking Pebble for making my life that much easier.

If you’ve stayed away from smart watches figuring you don’t need one; I suggest you give it a try. I was of the same mindset and only bought it for work purposes – now I can’t imagine life without it.

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