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Thank Sports Betting It’s Monday

(Forgot to hit publish yesterday – my bad)

Over the past couple of years I’ve moved away from gambling affiliation as my primary source of income.

There are a lot of reasons for that – one if which is the unreliability in that industry, and another being just lack of interest.

I got real tired of the poker industry and everything happening in it. I also got tired of online casinos – a combination of lack of innovation, and a lack of trust as well.

I’d still do sports betting. That was mainly because I love sports, watch them all day long and gambling keeps my interest going in it – both from betting myself, and providing sports tips. It’s also the best market for daily fantasy sports conversion IMO.

I mean hell a decade ago I’d struggle to name 50 NHL players. Now I could tell you every Buffalo Sabres or Columbus Blue Jackets line without even blinking.

However I really became jaded over the Summer. I don’t really do anything with MLB and the only regular tips I was doing was WNBA and Golf. I was struggling too with both of those. WNBA I just have lost complete interest in it, and golf was starting to weigh on me. Even though the results were great it was tough dedicating an entire Tuesday to researching, tipping and betting 4-5 golf tournaments.

Honestly there were many summer nights where I thought about giving up the sports betting tips entirely. Hire people to write everything and just get back to relaxing and enjoying it all and betting casually. I honestly thought my days as a sports betting affiliate were over.

Then the NFL and NHL returned.

Holy crap am I reinvigorated by it all. I used to say that casino affiliation was the most volatile in terms of income; but honestly at this point I’d say it’s sports betting – depending on the sport. I mean to have thousands of people providing no action for months and months and months – then suddenly they’re back on week 1 of NFL, betting and gambling away at the Bodogs, 5Dimes and Bet365s like bears just out of hibernation.

Just as I’ve got adjusted to all that – the NHL season starts and it’s like Christmas in October. It’s something I’ll never get used to – seeing a website go from 30-50 uniques a day to 5,000-10,000 in a day.

Then I’m pouring over my reports and I’m seeing the side action that poker and casino gets – and I get invigorated to get back into that.

Hell – I even played some online poker yesterday while watching the football. I don’t think I’ve played poker in at least a year…..

…and now I’ve actually loaded up Bodog to play some poker while I write the rest of this article.

I think that’s one reason why I stopped writing at Affiliate Bible for a couple of months. Despite the fact that this site covers a broad range of topics – it still falls under the gambling category in my mind. And so it was just one more thing that I lost interest in.

It’s good to have that interest back! Thank you sports and thank you sports betting! Especially on Tuesdays. Always fun seeing the Monday Night action.


I go to Vegas a few times a year – and if possible, I like to introduce people to Vegas who have never been there before.

I think it’s always cool seeing Vegas hook people. I’ve told people before – there’s nothing quite like that feeling of arriving in Vegas, and entering the casino floor for the first time. Just feeling that atmosphere around you etc – there’s something quite serene amongst the madness.

My latest trip was with my wife – who never got Vegas at all. She just didn’t see the appeal of it – and she also doesn’t really gamble – so she wasn’t looking forward to it. Add on the fact that we’ve only went on trips without the kids twice before and yeah – I was feeling the pressure to make sure she had a good time!

As always – it was a blast. It always is. There’s something about Vegas where the whole world around you just ceases to exist. My wife even gambled for the first time – sitting down at a $10 minimum roulette table with $20, and walking away with $500.

But I still wasn’t sure if my wife had had a great time. I mean I’m sure she enjoyed it – but it was possible she was putting it on just for my benefit.

On the way back to the airport, we planned to stop at the Vegas sign and do the usual Vegas sign pictures. Well just as our cab pulled in – 2 tour busses pulled in ahead of us and about 1,000 people got out.

My wife calmly said “Oh well – we’ll just have to do it next time”.

Next time. I love it!

Ah Vegas. It’s only been 2 weeks – but I miss you already.

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