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Thank Breaking Bad It’s Monday

Don’t worry, no spoilers.

I haven’t actually watched last nights episode yet. Due to my wifes school schedule we probably won’t get the chance for a week or so. Which isn’t all bad – I need to avoid spoilers, so I’m pretty much going off the grid socially for the next week and not checking Facebook or Twitter etc. So hey just a couple less distractions!

I’ve been going through the show again rewatching it all before it came back and so this gives me more time – I slowed down and I’ve just started season 3. On rewatch it can be quite a different show – some scenes are obviously not as intense – to the point where some of them come across boring. But then you also see a lot of the small things and can focus on them more – and it’s amazing going back and seeing some of the characters early on, considering the incredible character development that has went into them.

Anyway welcome back to Breaking Bad, and thank you for being so freaking awesome.

Shit That Kept Me Sane in July:

As I do at the beginning of the month, here’s the multimedia and brain mush that kept me entertained throughout July:

TV: As mentioned, I started rewatching Breaking Bad. I also started a new show, which was Prison Break. Holy crap what a show. I’m well aware it pretty much jumps off the cliff at some point – but the first two seasons are just incredible. I’m halfway through season 2 right now and it’s just nonstop and so intense – honestly the first two seasons of that show are probably two of the greatest TV seasons of anything I’ve ever watched. Just so well written and relentless with the plot and the twists and the ups and downs.

Books: I really didn’t do too much reading. Only thing I read was Linwood Barclays A Tap on the Window – new book that came out last week and I read in a day. Just a top, top author and if you’ve never read him – you’re missing out.

Movies: Saw a few movies last month. Olympus has Fallen which was a lot of fun. Red 2 which I was disappointed with – just very disjointed and jumped from scene to scene. Nowhere near as good as the first one. Coffee Town which is bloody epic – if you’re a fan of Always Sunny then you need to see that. And Grown Ups 2 which may be the unfunniest movie there is. Seriously. There was a diverse group at the theatre from an 8 year old all the way up to a 70 year old, and the theatre was literally silent for 99% of the movie. Just terrible.

Video Games: I didn’t play too much in July – although with all of the XBox sales going on I picked up like 15 new games. I went through all of WWE 13 and played the crap out of that and got most of the achievements – really fun game. Also started Borderlands 2 on co-op with a buddy, and finally I started Hitman Absolution. Hitman series is one of my favourite video game series so I was pretty pumped for that, and it’s been a blast so far.

Mundane Work:

To keep the multimedia theme going….I was having a chat with a buddy last week. He wasn’t too happy because he had some “dull” work coming up – had to sit there and basically enter a bunch of bonuses with their terms and conditions etc etc into a database. Boring shit.

And I love it.

I LOVE mundane, dull work. I love multi-tasking, so I get a kick out of doing that type of work. It gives me a perfect opportunity to watch TV or movies – I don’t watch a lot, and I can never bring myself to just sit there and watch shows without doing…something. Like last month I really got into Prison Break and watched 30 episodes of it – but none of those episodes were done just sitting there. I was doing work, I was cleaning the house or doing the dishes, or making meals.

I seriously tackled some complicated lengthy recipes PURELY so I could do them while watching TV.

I even have a “TV Watching To Do List”. It’s got some of the most boring work imaginable on it. So when I feel like watching a show? Boom, I fire that list up and get to work while watching TV. One of the main reasons I have multiple monitors.

I remember years ago back when I was a big rakeback affiliate – my account setup at Full Tilt Poker was different, and I had multiple affiliate accounts. What this meant was that Full Tilt couldn’t autopay rakeback for me – so they’d send me all of the money, and then I’d have to send it out. In individual transfers, one after the other.

And we’re talking a big freaking dull job. I basically had to distribute about $200,000 on a monthly basis to thousands of players. And it was the type of job I couldn’t delegate to my assistant – it was SO easy to mess up and accidentally send someone $10,000 when you meant to send them $1000. So I didn’t want to put that pressure on someone else – if the mistake happened, I’d rather it was from me.

At first, I hated it and dreaded it. But then like anything that sucks – I sat back and thought about how to turn it around. Life gives you lemons, you know the drill. So I delegated that day to TV or movie watching day – I’d watch shows while I did it – and I soon started to look forward to those days. A day where I could tune the world out, relax on the couch and turn on the TV and just watch stuff while sending transfer after transfer after transfer.

I’d even reward myself those days – I rarely drink pop or east fast food – so that was TACO BELL~! day. For lunch AND dinner I’d get myself some Taco Bell. Small thing – but man, it was funny how quick my mood changed. From dreading those days to loving it with just a few simple changes.

Always look at changing things like that. If there’s something you’re dreading work wise look for either ways to make it better while doing it – or just rewarding yourself for it.


My friend and fellow affiliate Niko is doing oh…only one of the coolest things ever.

He’s doing a 90 day road trip. And during those 90 days? He is going to take in 60 sporting events.

When he announced that, I just about cried with jealousy. That’s one of the coolest things ever. I’m planning a trip to Chicago next Fall, where I take in a Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears game all over the one trip. But this is like that on freaking steroids.

Be sure to check the site out and follow them on Facebook, Twitter etc. I hope that goes super viral because they deserve a huge audience and I’m looking forward to living vicariously through them.

I think that’s the perfect motivation to end this weeks T_IM. If any of you single assholes out there are looking for motivation – that’s it right there. Set up a trip like that or a plan like that, and then go ahead and bloody do it. If you’re not a big sports guy do something else. One of my friends Nick traveled the world while working from his laptop. Another friend simply flips a coin every 6 months, to decide what country and beach he’ll be living in for the next half a year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m also going to flip a coin. To decide whether to feed my kids lucky charms or corn pops for breakfast this morning.


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