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The Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

One of the best places to further educate yourself is affiliate marketing forums. I have to credit a lot of my success to affiliate marketing forums, as you can learn some amazing information on them.

You can also make some great friends that will help you with your website, offer advice on your website, and trade link exchanges with them. If you don’t spend at least part of your day browsing affiliate marketing forums – you’re missing out.

Below is a list if affiliate marketing forums that I frequent or have frequented in the past, that you should be adding to your regular reading list. If there are any forums I am missing that you frequent and enjoy, please contact me.

Gambling Specific Affiliate Forums

  • Poker Affiliate Listings: Without a doubt the best online forums for poker affiliates. PAL is one of the best communities I’ve seen, both in terms of friendliness and in terms of knowledge. PAL is the third home of this very strong community, previously the Party Riches forums and the Poker Affiliate Programs forums. What’s great about this community is you have many affiliates who started out on there making $0 and are now making six figures per month, and they love to give back to the community with some excellent advice.
  • Gambling Portal Webmasters Association: The GPWA forums are a solid place for overall gambling, and is frequented by a large majority of affiliates and affiliate programs related to gambling. It can seem overwhelming at first due to the amount of forums there, however the GPWA is a very friendly community, and is also a great place to go to see affiliates band together. In terms of knowledge I wouldn’t put the GPWA at the top of the list, however it is a great place to keep updated on all the latest news in the gambling affiliate world.
  • Poker SEO Forums: The phrase “quality over quantity” is the perfect way to describe the poker SEO forums. There isn’t much content there at this time, but what is there is absolute quality. Some of the top affiliates post here, and even with not too many threads, there is some amazing information to be found.
  • PAP: Let me be 100% honest here: the Poker Affiliate Programs forums SUCK. They are full of awful advice, numerous spam posts and are just completely useless in their current setting. However I am recommending them because of the archives. Before PAL there was PAP, and that was the best community for poker affiliates before some drama happened and they moved to PAL. So visit PAP, and spend an afternoon reading everything before August 2008 and you’ll find some absolutely amazing information on there.

Other Specific Niche Affiliate Forums

  • GFY: The “Go F*ck Yourself” forums, or GFY for short, are great forums if you are looking to get into the adult marketing niche. They are a more laid back and casual forum, and you’ll find a fair amount of crap there, however there is also some very valuable information to be found there. Probably the #1 forums for adult niche webmasters.

General Affiliate Marketing Forums

  • Forums: While you won’t find very high-end discussions at the forums, there is a lot of great basic advice and threads on SEO basics that will be helpful for any affiliates starting out. A lot of your frequently asked questions will be answered here.
  • Digital Point Forums: SEO and general affiliate marketing isn’t the best thing about the Digital Point forums – it’s the marketplace at Digital Point which really stands out. The digital point forums are a great place to conduct business and get graphics or even full websites designed, with some real talent out there who offer dirt cheap prices.
  • Forums: The SEO Chat forums are probably one of the best general affiliate forums when it comes to seach engines. There is a lot of information on here especially when dealing with specific search engines, and a lot of interesting if overwhelming information to read about Google optimization.
  • Back links forum is a very interesting forum to read, as they ran a wide variety of tests and trials in regard to backlinks and document it. A lot of the techniques they use are black hat or gray hat at best, but it always makes for a lot of interesting reading and many open & honest discussions.

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