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THIM: Thank Hockey It’s Monday

Whew – it’s been awhile. But I’m back with my regular Monday morning motivational posts, and this week we’re Thanking Hockey It’s Monday.

Really, I should be thanking all sports but specifically this week it’s hockey, and the NHL playoffs.

I’m currently sandwiched between two vacations/trips – my trip to Miami which happened a few weeks ago, and a visit to Edmonton in 9 days.

Regular readers will know that I generally use vacations/trips as a motivational tool to get lots of work done. Prior to the trip I will make a humongous to do list and work like absolute crazy. Then I take a few days off for the vacation, and I always find I enjoy it a lot more.

Well, the NHL playoffs have been GREAT for that. That’s what I love about sports. You can sit there watching them all day but also work at the same time. You can zone in and out but you’re always paying at least slight attention to them.

It’s also really helped at night too. Great to have the playoffs on while I work, and I always find that when I’m really into the game that I’m watching(which I am for practically every series in round 1), I work better as well.

So thanks NHL, and sports in general for keeping me working like a maniac this last week.

New Design?

I’d mentioned a few weeks ago about the new design we’re working on for Affiliate Bible(which will be strikingly similar to Casino Answers). I’m hoping that it will be ready before the trip to Edmonton, but I’m doubtful it will at this stage. Either way it’s keeping me busy and it’s one reason I haven’t really written here lately – when it comes to a design change, it seems to just kill my writing motivation for that particular website until the design is 100% complete.

Have a lot of articles and topics I want to discuss though, so as soon as that design is implemented I’m going to go batshit insane with writing. I plan on making my job just content writing for May through July. While watching lots and lots of sports, of course.

Google News: Do It Right

I’ve had quite a few people come to me in the last few weeks telling me they want to be in Google News. It’s no surprise really – depending on the niche that you are in, Google News can REALLY bring in a lot of traffic and can be a huge income generator. I know people whose sports betting sites are practically 100% reliant on Google News.

The problem is – so many people out there do it wrong. I told pretty much every affiliate that contacted me the very same thing – you’re doing it wrong.

Not because they’re not following Google guidelines(which they’re not) – but because they’re going about it the wrong way entirely. They’re throwing in a half-assed job and hoping it will result in mega hits. It should be the other way. You should be creating a news section on your site which is a valuable resource – so valuable that if someone from Google stumbled across it, they’d be sitting there going “Wow – we’ve dropped the ball as we don’t have this site in our news!”.

One affiliate actually submitted his “news” site which was 4 articles, one of which was 300 words on “How to Play Poker”. Insane. Then when I told him what he had to do, he replied it “Sounds like too much work”

It’s 2012. “Getting Lucky” is something that rarely happens these days in internet marketing. It’s not about “stumbling across an untapped niche” anymore – it’s about 100% hard work.

Understand that, and you’re halfway to making a living online.

I’ll write an article in a couple of weeks detailing exactly what you should be doing to get into Google News, and WHY you want to be in there.

Hey Sedin Sisters

Suck it.

That’s all.

Tower Affiliates:

If you signed up at Tower Affiliates sometime in the last 18 months via my links or my recommendation, please fire an e-mail to to let me know. Unfortunately the sub-affiliate tracking was turned off there without notifying me, so I sent them lots of affiliates and didn’t get the credit for it. Yay Tower.

Just let me know what e-mail address you registered with and I’ll get you manually tracked to me.

Motivational Speaker: Les Brown

I can’t get enough of this guy lately. I don’t even know why – I don’t think he’s that well-spoken, and he seems to stumble over his words a lot, and takes awhile to get to the point.

But there’s just something about him that I find captivating. Check him out:

I think it’s just his ability to speak without ever stopping for a second. He also comes off really natural.

The Best Motivational Tool: Actually Achieving Your Goals

You can watch all the motivational videos on Youtube. You can attend motivational speeches. You can read motivational quotes. You can listen to others talk about their successes.

But when it comes to motivation, YOU are the one that can provide the strongest motivation for yourself. By setting goals and then achieving them. Every time you do that, you start to believe in yourself just a little bit more.

2 years ago I realized that there’s so many slot machines online, that it can turn players off. They don’t know where to start. I’d watch people browsing my sites, opening up numerous slot reviews or slot flash games at once, completely unsure of where to get started.

Right then, I came up with the idea of some sort of “showcase” – a rotating slider that features a wide variety of slots so the user can browse through them with ease and get a great idea of what slots are out there to play.

That was 2 years ago. It wasn’t that something like this was particularly hard – it was that I wasn’t sure how exactly to go about it. But over the weekend I did just that thanks to my coder Frank – we created the “Slot Machine Showcase” which utilizes a slider to feature different slots.

There’s only a few right now(5 for US, 10 for non-US – it’s geotargeted of course!) but the main thing is getting it rolling, and now we’ve did that we can add content to it extremely easy.

Check It Out Here.

Really, the work involved in creating it wasn’t that big at all. But it’s the fact that after 2 years – a quick note I added to my to do list has finally been scored out. That something I dreamed about or visualized about became a reality. That I accomplished a goal I had set out to do.

It’s doing that, which is always the biggest motivational tool for me.

Have a great week everyone. Achieve a goal this week – something you’ve been putting off for a long time or just haven’t gotten around to. Dig out the old task manager or to do list, say “This is the week I beat you” then do just that.

Beat the ever loving crap out of it. Because you’re the one that’s in charge.

You’re the boss.

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