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I just wanted to give a couple of plugs to the people that helped Affiliate Bible 2.0 be what it was. One of them was a new web designer that I tried, and the other is my reliable coder who has been working with me for years.

The first one is Mark Birksted, the designer of

Mark is based on my hometown, and I knew him via a friend of a friend. He does graphic and web design, and after seeing his portfolio I knew I had to give him a try. I was looking for something “out of the box” and Mark delivered in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

I remember our first meeting, where we went to a pub, got hammered and spent most of the night talking about things like Louis C.K. and Ghostbusters. We probably only talked about Affiliate Bible for 10-15 minutes.

After that meeting, I’m fairly certain Mark left it with just two things:

#1: A list of the content that would be on the site.
#2: The instructions: “I don’t want a cookie cutter website”.

Having worked with various designers in the past, I know that many designers would create a shitstorm at having such little guidance. I was amazed when just a few days later I received an e-mail from Mark with the “rough draft” of Affiliate Bible – which is extremely similar to what you see today.

Everything on this site – the bible/book graphic, the poker table background etc – were all Marks ideas. It was amazing to see his mind at work, and how everything came together. Very few revisions were needed, and it was one of the biggest success stories for me when it comes to working with a web designer.

I highly recommend you check out Marks work. He recently quit his graphic development job at a company to do freelance graphic design. >. He has some incredibly sick ideas, and I’m looking forward to working with him in the future.

The second person that is responsible for is Frank. A lot of people reading probably know Frank as he’s one of the most sought after coders in the gambling industry. He has designed and coded a lot of huge affiliate websites and even designed the webpages for various online casinos.

Frank is a phenomenal coder whose prices are always extremely fair, and nothing seems to be beyond his grasp. I’ve always given him a lot of challenges and he’s been able to handle everything I ever come up with, with ease. If you’ve ever used the Epik Media Geo-IP Plugin, which Frank coded, then you know the extent of his work. I said to Frank once “It’d be neat to have a geo-target plugin”, and a few days later he returned with that.

Frank can code in practically any language, and has a strong understanding of SEO and web development. It’s very reassuring knowing that whenever I want something done to a website I don’t have to shop around – I can go to Frank and he’ll always be able to handle it.

He has a website at Epik Media however this is currently going through a hosting move and isn’t fully functional yet – if you’re looking for coding work, be it a full website, a wordpress plugin or live odds display, just drop an e-mail to

If you’re looking for a designer or coder, I give these guys the highest recommendations, and thank them both for making my life a lot easier.

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