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Thank Silva & Murray It’s Monday

Whew – what a weekend when it comes to sports. Without a doubt one of the most memorable weekends in the history of sports – with both memories coming from sports that couldn’t be more different in MMA and Tennis.

First – Anderson Silva. His reign and UFC undefeated streak came to a crashing end on Saturday night against Chris Weidman.

Just an incredible finish. The controversy and contrasting opinions after this match have just created a huge buzz – and Weidman vs Silva II if it happens will be just absolutely huge.

It also looks like it has put the kebosh on the planned superfights – which I’m quite happy about. I always felt those were short-term gains which would really hurt in the long-term. The reason I’m thanking Silva instead of Weidman is because of the joy and anger I’ve felt about Silva over the years. From the minute he entered the Octagon and just started killing people – and then he went through a series where he was boring as all hell(I was 6th row for Silva vs Leites in Montreal and I literally fell asleep). Then things changed and he became just the cockiest SOB ever – which ultimately would be his demise. Fantastic, and I hope we’ve not seen the last of Anderson as champion.

And then there was the tennis. Andy Murray made Scotland proud with the incredible win over Djokovic, just a few days after a massive comeback against Verdasco just a few days previous.

It’s fantastic to see just how well Murray has evolved over the last few years. He dominated Djokovic, and it’s just been fantastic to watch the evolution of him as a player over the last year.

What a tremendous weekend, and thanks to Silva and Murray for that.


Responsive websites are the big thing these days. So props to these guys and their responsive jigsaw puzzle.

I wasted about half an hour this morning on it. A lot of fun and very cool to see. Check it out.


Want to thank everyone for their feedback on my iWriter Review. I received a ton of great feedback on that and I’m going to try and do some more reviews on services I use in the future.

It also inspired me to, at some point, rewrite my Affiliate Program Reviews. With them I went for a more personal/professional approach but from the feedback from the iWriter review – you much prefer the personal approach. I’ll be sure to incorporate a lot more of that in the reviews.

Great Week:

Have to say – I had a fantastic week last week when it came to work. One of the most satisfying weeks in a long time.

I run a landlord forms website and it’s been very successful – so we were expanding out of the niche, and launching a big catch-all website to cover all types of forms.

Now the website(which I won’t link yet as some design tweaks are needed) was launched in December in beta mode. I had a chunk of work still to do on it and it really wasn’t the work you can outsource. But it became one of those things I just kept putting off and putting off.

Finally I sucked it up last week and did all the work. It was tough work – I probably put in close to 40 hours from Wednesday-Friday on the website alone – but man, did it ever feel good to be done.

If you’ve got any projects sitting on your notes that have been there for months – one of those lists that every time you see it make you go “ugh” – make this the week that you tackle it. It’s often crappy work – but it is worth it at the end, and you feel so much more progressive.

Alright – I am off to try and make this an even better week. Have a great week everyone, and I’m hoping to write a couple of articles for Affiliate Bible over the next few days.

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