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TBBIM: Happy Birthday To Me!

Ya know – I really struggled with the title of this article as I had so many options.

The first option was of course TBIM: Thank Brady It’s Monday as good old Tom Brady did it again, taking the Patriots into the Superbowl. Sure he didn’t have the most amazing game of his career, and one of the main reasons we made it to the Superbowl was due to the mistakes made by the Ravens – but man, the dude deserves mad respect for that touchdown. He is going to be SORE from that hit by Lewis for weeks, and could’ve been crippled. It’s amazing to see someone of his stature risk it all.

The second option was TMIM: Thank Mum It’s Monday. It’s actually my birthday today, and I was going to go with the birthday theme, thanking my mum for doing the dirty deed 31 years and 9 months ago.

However really it was no contest – this weeks edition is TBBIM: Thank Breaking Bad It’s Monday, because man, there is just no bigger motivator for me at the moment than Breaking Bad.

I don’t watch a lot of TV outside sports as it is, but I NEVER watch any serious type of show because I’d much rather fire through it on DVD all in one. I find I enjoy shows much more that way. Plus I don’t want to get invested in a TV show only for it to be canceled on me.

About 10 days ago, I broke that rule by putting on Breaking Bad. I’m not even sure why – I think I was just doing some boring work and wanted a TV show to watch while doing it, and ended up with Breaking Bad.

All I can say is “Holy Crap!”.

Just an absolutely fantastic TV show. It’s one you really need to give full focus on too, so I’m finding it a HUGE motivator as I absolutely RUSH through my work, so I can catch a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad before I have to pick the kids up from school.

I’m only just a couple of episodes into Season 3 – but man, what a TV show. Seriously, watch this show.

Alright, with it being my birthday we’re going to have a quick blog here – and then I’m going to treat myself to the day off, relaxing in a bubble bath, and watching Breaking Bad all day long!

Sounds like the perfect day to me.

Except it’s not 🙁 My 4 year old has been sick all weekend, so it’s going to be wiping snot and taking care of her most of the day as she takes the day off school. Oh well, I’ll be sure to fit SOME Breaking Bad in there.

Follow-Up to Redirect Articles

I wrote a couple of articles this weekend on redirecting affiliate links. If you missed them:

I wrote that one reason I liked to redirect affiliate links was that it gave less information to my affiliate manager in regard to what is converting for me. An affiliate e-mailed me to ask about that and for me to expand further.

Lets use this article for example:

On the topic of “Play Cribbage Online for Free”.

Now let’s say that within the content I posted a banner and link to William Hill Casino, advertising their signup bonus. And I get 0 signups. Then I change the banner/link to advertise their games, and I get no signups. Then I change the banner/link to promote their progressive jackpots, and I get tons of signups.

If I wasn’t using redirects, and I used the images hosted on the William Hill servers – an affiliate manager would be able to look at all their stats via their referral logs. Hell, most affiliate programs show this to the affiliate in the backend. And the affiliate manager would be able to come to the conclusion that “You can promote free online cribbage and convert people via progressive jackpots to our casino”.

That affiliate manager could then tell all his buddies about it, or even start up a website of his own. If I was ranking #1 for that term, people could build dedicated websites to that keyword, outrank me and cause me to lose those conversions.

By using redirects(and banners hosted on your own server), it’s impossible for them to see those stats. All they would be able to see is that I referred people via as opposed to the actual URL.

Hopefully that explains it. Not that I’m saying EVERY affiliate manager out there has the intentions to screw you over or anything – but you can never trust anyone in this business. Tread carefully and protect your business at all costs.

Article on Wikis:

I wrote an article for the IGB Affiliate Blog wondering why more people don’t use the Wiki Engine for affiliate sites. I didn’t come up with the “sensational” style headline BTW – haha. Anyway you can read it here:

Coors Light #2 Beer in USA

According to this article in the LA Times, Coors Light took the place of Budweiser as the 2nd most popular beer(next to Bud Light) in 2011 in the States.

It’s times like this I miss my old marketing professor. The guy loved to break marketing down. We’d sit down after every Superbowl, and analyze every commercial for hours. It was always a blast, and I know he’d love to spend a week just studying all this with me, and determining how exactly Coors Light managed to do it. Figuring out what worked, what didn’t work etc.

If you REALLY want to learn about marketing, this is something that you should be doing. Coors Light didn’t become the #2 beer because it’s the “better” beer or anything like that – it became the 2nd best selling beer mainly on a marketing level. Yes, there’s lifestyle factors too like the whole “light beer” craze – but that’s just marketing at its core anyway.

Whole lot to be learned there.

That’s It For Me:

It’s Breaking Bad Time! I can fit in 2 hours before the brats wake up! If you’re going to comment or e-mail me about the show, please don’t mention any spoilers! Thanks. And have a great week.

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