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Create a Life Structure

Everyone needs structure.  I believe that, at any rate.  I do know some successful affiliates who have no structure at all; they wake up when they wake up, they go to sleep whenever they want, and they fit in work just whenever they feel like it.  No day is the same for them, and some even travel all over the world while working through multiple timezones.

I know some successful affiliates who have no structure.  But I know a lot more UNSUCCESSFUL affiliates who have no structure.

When it comes to affiliate marketing you have no boss – you’re working for yourself, which means you have to motivate yourself.  Spending an hour messing around on facebook isn’t “killing time” anymore – it’s wasting valuable time that you could be using to get to work!

So what you need to do is fit affiliate marketing into your current life.  How you do that is up to you.  I recently helped out a friend with this however, so I can share that example with you.

My friend worked a 12pm-8pm job at a restaurant.  He also got custody of his kid on Saturday and Sunday.  He was unable to do any affiliate marketing work during his regular job.

So it was a case of trying to find when affiliate marketing would fit in.  He usually woke up around 10am,and would go to bed at 2am.  However he didn’t want to do affiliate marketing after work – he just wanted to relax, have some beers and chill.

So it was a case of changing the way his morning was.  He had a couple of spare hours, so he would start getting up at 9am.  He’d then work steadily on affiliate marketing until 11am, at which point he was done for the day.  On weekends when he had his kid, he’d work on affiliate marketing while the kid was napping.

It’s just a case of fitting it into your life, and sticking with it.  While it’d be nice to say “I’ll work on it when I feel like it” – the fact is at times you WON’T feel like it, but you have to force yourself to do it.

So take some time to figure out how and when affiliate marketing work will fit in with your current lifestyle, then be sure to stick with that! I’ve written a very detailed article on Time Management & Productivity which should really help you.

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