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Content is King

You can have an SEO-driven site, you can have the slickest webpage on the internet, and you can have the most comphrensive, thorough poker room reviews available.

But unless you have lots of content, you’re not going to get very far with the search engines.

One mistake affiliates often make, is working hard on a website, getting the design “just right”, adding about 10 poker room reviews and some strategy articles, then just sitting back and waiting for the money to pour in.

They’re going to be waiting a long time.

I started a site in November 2004, when I knew little about Search Engine Optimization. I had read a lot of articles on it, and was beginning to understand it, however in the following months this site would go through three or four revamps, as I constantly switched things around to try and optimize the website to the search engines, and emphasize certain keywords more than others, as well as pick up on some major mistakes that were causing search engines to see my website in a negative manner.

Yet my site was still in the top ten on Google for various keywords, and four months down the road, was #1 for many, many keywords even though my site was still not fully SEO-friendly.

The reason for that quite simply, was content. The site covered Bingo, Poker, Casinos and Sportsbooks, all in one place. I refused to launch the site until I had at least 100 articles available for the visitors, the majority of which were reviews.

Once the site was launched, I didn’t stop, and had frequent updates daily, on a set schedule. 8am EST? Sportsbook News. Noon? Bingo News. 4pm? Poker News. 8pm? Casino News. Midnight? Announce a new review, or feature a certain promotion, and also add the actual review, so I was looking at five or more updates per day, no easy task.

I wasn’t just copying and pasting news from any poker room or bingo halls newsletter, then adding my affiliate link. I was rewriting everything, so that every article I added was full of unique content, not found elsewhere. Not only that, but I was updating all the reviews as any changes occured, making sure my site was fully updated, with no outdated or incorrect material.

You know what all that hard work became? It became a success, and has made a lot of profit over the years.

No matter how well your website is designed or seo optimized, the one thing that both visitors and search engines look for is content. If they come to a website not updated since three months ago, with a lot of content that is incorrect or outdated, they’re not going to stay around, not going to bookmark it, and are definetely not going to trust the websites content.

If you’re launching an online campaign, regardless of the focus of your site, aim to write content daily. Launch the site with 50 articles, and have a new article daily. If you’re struggling to come up with content, start posting news about poker room promotions, reload bonuses etc, or even start a blog, which will be full of unique content, and something that adds more of a personal touch to your site.

Get your website off to the best start; give your visitors as much information as possible. So much information that they can’t condense it all in one visit; that they have to bookmark the site and come back again, and again…..and again.

Give them content. Lots of it!

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