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Plain Partners Affiliate Program Review

Note: In 2017 Interpartners was absolved by Plain Partners. I have not worked with Plain Partners long enough to give an honest review. When I do I will update this. In the meantime below is the old Interpartners Review.

Note: All Affiliate Program reviews are revised and updated on a monthly basis for total accuracy. This Interpartners review was last updated on .

Interpartners, previously known as Partnerlogic, were one of the first gambling affiliate programs I ever worked with, back in 2004 when the awesome Claire Leighton was affiliate manager there.

I’ll be honest from 2012 onwards I haven’t promoted Interpartners much. I however have them listed in a few places still and players do trickle in. I’ve consistently been paid despite no big promotions so I have to give them props for that. I just can’t really tell you how they convert etc.

Interpartners currently offer 3 different brands to promote: InterCasino, InterPoker and VIP Casino

I put most of my energy into promoting the “Inter” brands. Both properties have marketed a lot in the UK, and I find conversions are best there due to the branding work. Intercasino also ran a TV ad “Win a trip to Space” which got them a lot of word of mouth marketing, and I saw signups spike during that period.

From a player point of view, I find Interpartners are very strong at retention, particularly with Intercasino. They offer some unique promotions and various no deposit bonuses to get players back and playing.

From an affiliate points of view, now Interpartners use the income access software as their backend I’m a lot happier. They used to have a very basic backend however with the new backend it’s a lot easier to run split tests, and get a very detailed look at what works and what doesn’t.

Affiliate support wise, Interpartners have always offered solid customer service. I’ve never had a problem over the years getting a reply to any queries, and any issues were always resolved promptly and satisfactorly. Interpartners also send out regular newsletters to keep affiliates updated on what’s going on.

Interpartners is a solid affiliate program which I would recommend promoting to your European players.

While conversion may be stronger in the UK, most Interpartners brands are offered in various languages like Italian, German and Spanish, so are a great company to promote to the majority of Europe.


No Interpartners brands currently accept US players. Interpartners currently offers the following 4 brands to promote:

Interpoker: Interpoker currently uses the Boss network software. They offer a 1000EUR welcome bonus, and various promotions based on players playing more hands, and paying more rake. Interpoker also utilizes social networking with facebook freerolls, and has a very solid VIP lounge you can promote to your players.

Intercasino: Intercasino uses the Cryptologic software. Along with the standard casino games offered, Intercasino offers the very popular Marvel slots. Slot machines like Spider-Man, The Hulk and Captain America are always popular with the casual player. Intercasino usually offer various unique promotions based solely on the Marvel slot machines.

VIP Casino: VIP Casino also uses the Cryptologic software. I honestly just can’t recommend VIP Casino however. With a name like that you need to really reward the high rollers and offer a sick VIP Program. All that VIP Casino offer is the basic cashback program.


Interpartners order a revenue share scale based on depositing players. It begins at 20% and goes up to 35% with 30 depositing players.


Interpartners offers a decent variety of promotional material for Intercasino, very little for VIP Casino, and a few Interpoker banners. Based on their backend, it seems that most of their marketing focus is on Intercasino.

As I mentioned previously, one of the big hooks for Intercasino is their Marvel slots, and a lot of the marketing material offered revolves around that. Whenever Intercasino launch a new promotion too, they are always quick to upload marketing material for it. Here are a few examples:

When it comes to promoting Interpoker, you have a variety of options when it comes to marketing. A 1000 EUR signup bonus, 30% rakeback, an awesome VIP club and various promotions like a bad beat jackpot, freerolls and live event satellites.

As for Intercasino, I’d focus solely on the Marvel slots. That’s their main focus(and no surprise, considering the licensing costs!) and are your best chances when it comes to conversion and retention. There’s just no point in promoting it for Blackjack, if the casino landing page is all about Marvel.

Intercasino is a great casino to promote to the casual player, or to the slot player. The Marvel slots are almost semi-exclusive to InterCasino, and are a great chance to get your players to switch casinos. I would at this time not market VIP Casino or the Parbet Programs.



Interpoker is playable only on a Windows machine, and has no native Mac client or browser based client. Interpoker uses iPoker software.

Their site is available in the following languages: UK English & German.

Their poker room will not accept players from the following countries: USA, Canada. The Interpoker client is available in dollars, pounds and euro.


Intercasino uses Cryptologic software. The downloadable client is for Windows only, however Intercasino has a browser based casino which Mac users can use.

The Intercasino website is available in the following languages: English, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch. Intercasino does not accept players from the following countries: USA.

VIP Casino:

VIP Casino only offers a downloadable client for players to play. This client is for Windows users only.

VIP Casino uses the Cryptologic software.

The VIP Casino homepage is translated into English only.

VIP Casino does not accept players from the USA.


Q: What Affiliate Payment Methods are offered at Interpartners?

Affiliates can withdraw at Interpartners via the following methods: Cheque, Click2Pay, Electronic Transfer, Moneybookers, Neteller.

Q: Do Interpartners still offer Interbingo?

InterBingo is still an actual bingo room, however Interpartners do not currently offer Interbingo via their affiliate program. To promote Interbingo, you need to sign up at St Minver Affiliates. St Minver Affiliates focus very strongly on bingo, with online bingo rooms like Butlins Bingo, Me Bingo and Mail Bingo.

Q: When did Partnerlogic switch to Interpartners?

Partnerlogic rebranded to Interpartners on May 9th, 2011. The transition was very smooth, and they provided lots of information to affiliates during the move. Interpartners also set it up so that all existing affiliate links would still work, despite the move.

Q: When did Interpartners switch to Plain Partners?

February 2017. They now only offer casino brands. They don’t offer bingo or real money poker or anything like that anymore.

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