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2 Sick Black Friday Affiliate Deals

It’s “Black Friday” in the USA and unsurprisingly there are some amazing deals to be found in your local stores, however online web providers are also getting into the theme of things, with some great black friday offerings.

I’ve picked out the two best offerings from companies I personally trust AND use. This is for web hosting AND gambling design.

Our favourite web hosting company are Hostgator and that have some AMAZING deals for you to take advantage of this Black Friday.

These deals are a 1 day special. If you’re looking for a web host or thinking about trying out Hostgator, you NEED to take advantage of these sick deals.

Hostgator are offering:

50% off everything from 12:00AM CST to 5AM CST
80% off everything from 5AM CST to 9AM CST
80% off everything until supplies last, then 50% off everything from 9AM CST to 11:59PM CST

These are INCREDIBLE deals and must be taken advantage of.

The deals start November 26th at 12AM CST. Click here now.

These deals apply to ALL accounts and ALL term lengths, so you can get 3 years of hosting for just $35.64. This includes shares, reseller, VPS hosting and dedicated servers as well.

Absolutely sick deal – Click here for the Hostgator Black Friday promos.

Our second deal is at Flytonic Themes. Flytonic themes offer some exclusive gambling themes which are probably the most popular themes for any poker or casino affiliate out there. I see these themes all over the place.

The two most popular themes are:

Flytonic Dealer Theme
Flytonic High Roller Theme

Here’s the deal – purchase them on black Friday using coupon code: black and get 50% off!. This is an absolutely sick deal. Take advantage of it right now, by visiting Flytonic Themes.

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