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Write About What Benefits The User

One thing I find affiliates doing when trying to sell a product to a player is focusing too much on the features of said product, and not the benefits.

However one thing you learn very early in marketing is that products don’t sell themselves – if they did, then there would be no need for a marketing division.

If you’re promoting a poker room to a player, you can’t just focus on the features – you have to tell them the benefits too.  You have to break it down for the user, and tell them not just what great things this poker room has to offer – but WHY they are great, and why they benefit the player.

On practically every Full Tilt Poker review on the web for example, you’ll usually see a phrase like this:

“Full Tilt Poker is host to lots of celebrity professional poker players who play at Full Tilt on a regular basis, like Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson”.

Yeah see – that’s great and all, but what does that mean to the player?  Is the player going to immediately click that download button and sign up?  Or is their opinion about Full Tilt more positive due to that sentence?  Maybe, however what you need to do is hammer the point home, and explain WHY this is important to the end user.

What you need to do is add a second sentence onto every feature of a product, explaining WHY this is a good thing.  Possible sentences include:

“Having all these poker pros at Full Tilt is great because it attracts the fish.  The games at Full Tilt are so soft due to people wanting to play cards with the like of Phil Ivey, that any competent poker player can make a killing here.”

“With all these poker professionals at Full Tilt, you know your money is 100% safe and secure here.”

You can even use this technique when mentioning the NEGATIVES of a product you are promoting.  Whenever you are giving a review you need to be honest if you want to gain any credibility with the reader – however that doesn’t mean you can’t turn a frown upside down with some wordplay.

For example, if it’s hard to deposit into a poker room like Cake Poker you might write:

“One problem with Cake Poker is they don’t have many deposit options, so you may find it hard to deposit if you’re in the USA.”

This is where the Epik GeoIP Plugin could come in handy, as you could present two different pieces of text, one to Americans and one to Non-Americans.


“One problem with Cake Poker is for Americans, they don’t have many deposit options.  If you don’t have an eWalletXpress account and want to deposit with your credit card, Carbon Poker has a much higher success rate.”

While for Non-Americans:

“Cake Poker have limited deposit options for Americans.  As Americans are usually the more solid and nitty poker player this is great news – less Americans mean a lot looser games, and more money to be won!”

Go through your content – look at the articles that are getting hits but not many conversions, and start adding in benefits to your selling points.  You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to increase the conversion percentage by listing just a few key benefits.

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