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(BLACKLISTED!) EuroPartners Affiliate Program Review

On March 1st, 2018 after many years I added Europartners to my blacklist and am advising people not to promote them.

If you’ve been around the affiliate game awhile, you’ll know that Europartners are an affiliate program with a rather storied past. They’re listed as rogue, blacklisted or not recommended at various sites such as Online Casino Reviewer, Casino Listings and The Pogg.

They used to be on my blacklist due to various issues however I got talking to a new affiliate manager there called Chris back in 2009. I started promoting them again and the two of us actually became friends.

Unfortunately he left the company in 2014. I pulled my promotion of them for the most part and dropped them down a few spots on any lists. Now 4 years later I’m removing them from everywhere and adding them to my blacklist.

The reason is in February 2018 I received an affiliate payment I didn’t recognize. Looking into it I wondered if it was from Euro Partners who I used to get paid from every other month. When I researched it, I discovered that I had stopped receiving payments from them in June 2016.

I went to log into my account to see what was happening, and discovered it had been deactivated. I was told it was “close due to inactivity” even though I had still been sending them traffic and could see that from my own logs.

The system wouldn’t let me pull up any historical data and when I asked for statistics from 2016 I was told that they went through database migration in the Summer of 2016. That “database migration” meant that I stopped earning player and sub-affiliate income. Funny that considering I’d been earning money for years.

Anyway I’m not going to sweat it. They’re on my blacklist and I advise not promoting them.

My most recent review of Euro Partners is below and I will leave it up for transparency and historical purposes.

Euro Partners are an affiliate group that are have been around since the beginning of the online gaming boom.

They had a bad rep for awhile but they’ve managed to overcome that and are now a solid and trustworthy brand again. A lot of that was to do with the affiliate managers who they hired in the 2005-2008 period.

Many of the affiliate managers quite simply don’t understand their job. They constantly harassed affiliates to “put us in the top spot”, they make deals that they have no authority doing, and have very poor communication skills. It got to the point that I actually dropped all EuroPartners brands for many years.

This is a shame, because EuroPartners had some fantastic brands, and excellent retention abilities.

Thankfully in 2009 I was hooked up with the affiliate manager Chris Zelver, is an awesome guy, and fantastic to work with. Easily in my “Top 10 affiliate managers”. Chris left them in 2014 but I have a new affiliate manager now, Farrell, who has been responsive thus far.

At this time I would recommend promoting Euro Partners. I trust ’em.


EuroPartners have 6 casino brands in Casino Tropez, Europa Casino, Titan Casino, Vegas Red, EuropaPlay and Casino Bellini.

For poker, Europartners have Titan Poker, Titanbet Poker and Iron Poker.

For sports, TitanBet and Iron Bet. For Bingo, TitanBet Bingo.

At this point, the most important brands at Euro Partners are without a doubt the Titan brands. They are going full hog in making the “Titan” name as big as possible a brand name, which of course allows affiliates to reap the benefits.

Titan Poker is on the iPoker Network, and offers a 200% to $1000 signup bonus for all new players. Titan Poker offer an incredible amount of promotions for the player including tournament satellites, various races for both cash game and tournament players, and a very solid VIP club.

Titan Casino which offers a 4000 welcome bonus in either EUR, GBP or USD, utilizies the Playtech software. Playtech offers the second biggest game selection online, with a wide variety of table games and slot machines like King Kong and Marvel Slots.

On top of that, Titan Casino offers Live Dealer Casino Games which are always a big hit for the player.

Titan Bet is the Sportsbook under the Titan brand name, launched prior to the 2010 World Cup. They offer a wide variety of sports to bet on, 25 pounds in free bets for the new player, and are always coming up with unique promotions on a game by game basis.


For the first 3 months at Euro Partners you will get 50% Revenue.

Following that it will be 25%-40% with room for negotiation. It’s based on the players you bring in so 1-10 active accounts is 25%, 11-40 active accounts is 30% and so on. You should easily get to the top tier of 40%.


Europartners do not accept any US players on any of their brands. However I would have no hesitation in sending as much non-US traffic as I can to the Euro Partners brands, especially the Titan brands.

In all honesty, the Titan brands are the only ones you need to promote, due to their strong brand name. Their conversion and retention is top-notch, and should be part of anyones portfolio. However the other brands do have a lot of benefits to them and I’d recommend putting them in rotation in some conversion spots as some I find will convert better.

All three of the Titan brands cover practically everything when it comes to their poker room, casino and sportsbook, so you should have no problem at all in promoting it to any of your traffic.

Low stakes players, High stakes players, new players, bonus hunters – the Titan brands cover everything well, and Titan Casino has an extra edge due to the live dealer games.

The other property I would obviously promote is Casino Tropez Mobile. It’s still far too early yet to see where mobile gaming goes, but it’s something that you are missing out on if you aren’t promoting, and you really don’t want to get left behind.


None of the Euro Partners brands accepts American players. Russia and most Eastern European countries are unable to claim bonuses at the Europartners properties.

Titan Bet offer a mobile version of their sportsbook website for mobile users. This is something I consider crucial, as mobile betting is huge.


Q: Do Europartners “shave” affiliate accounts?

From my evidence, no. Since promoting Europartners back in 2009 I have scrutinized their data and ran various tests, and I seen absolutely nothing that would indicate anything “bad” is going on at Europartners. Were there problems in the past? Perhaps. But based on everything I’ve seen, I can say that no, there is nothing underhanded going on at Europartners, and I trust them enough to make them one of my most pushed brands.

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