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Focal Click Affiliate Program Review

Note: All Affiliate Program reviews are revised and updated on a monthly basis for total accuracy. This Focal Click review was last updated on .

Focal Click are a program that I have been working with since 2004, and I’ve always been impressed with the way they do things.

If you’ve been a gambling affiliate prior to June of 2010, then you’d know Focal Clicks main affiliate manager Mark Morrow, who was always around the affiliate forums. He was a very friendly guy, and someone who was great with.

Unfortunately, Mark left Focal Click. Thankfully, they brought in someone just as good as Mark in Chris Manuel. Chris used to work with Hollywood Poker, and is an absolutely fantastic person to deal with. He’s someone that never sees an affiliate as “just a number”, and always works with any affiliate, big or small.

What I like about Focal Click is that they’re constantly working to improve their brands. They have two brands in Omni Casino and Fly Casino, with the former online since 1997. Other groups would simply open a new casino, but Focal Click believe strongly in Omni. They also used to have Sun Poker however they closed down.

I remember speaking to Chris when he took over, and he talked about how business etc was down, however he was looking to fix it with a complete overhaul. Many affiliate programs would simply open up a new brand and try their luck there; but Focal Click had trust and faith in their brands, and have decided to stick with them throughout the years.

Chris left too, but Elliott is the new AM and I’ve always liked him. Basically Focal Click have a very strong history with affiliate managers and I’ve been very impressed with everything they’ve did.

Because of this, both brands are very strong and trustworthy brand names, and make conversions a lot easier. Both websites also went through huge facelifts, and some of the things they are doing to improve conversions are amazing.

I won’t go into it, but trust me – these are guys who work insanely hard to take your click-thrus and turn them into real money players.

Split-testing and geo-targeting are just two methods Focal Click use to improve conversions, and I don’t think they’ll ever stop working until they’re converting 100% of every player that ever visits their landing pages.


Neither of the Focal Click brands accept US players.

Omni Casino use Playtech software, although they don’t offer live dealers like other Playtech casinos do.

Omni offer a 100% to $100 signup bonus for all new players. Their homepage is geared towards covering all the bases, with features listed like progressive jackpots, the welcome bonus, slot tournaments, a VIP program and some of their feature slots.

Both brands are very strong, and Focal Click are always working to retain their excellent reputation, and increase their brand strength.


They offer the following percentages based on revenue:

$0-10k: 25%
$10k-$20k: 30%
$20k-$40k: 35%
$40k+: 40%

However they are very easy to work with in that regard. If you agree to promote them strongly they’ll usually put you at 40% right off the bat.

Focal Click also offer both CPA and Hybrid Deals for affiliates.

CPA and Hybrid agreements are made on a case-by-case basis. After signing up below as a Focal Click affiliate, contact them for information on their CPA & Hybrid deals.


For Omni Casino – well with Playtech you can never go wrong in terms of what to promote, but I focus strongly on their slot machines.

They have many unique slot machines(well, unique to Playtech) that are great for the casual player. A pink panther slot? Check. A king kong slot? Check. A Rocky slot? Check. All great to use when marketing.

Here just some of the available banners:


Omni Casino is on Playtech, and has a Windows client for download. They also offer an “Instant Play” browser based casino, which Mac users can use to play at Omni Casino.

At Omni Casino you can register to play in EUR, GBP or USD.


Q: Does Omni Casino have unique landing pages?

Yes they do. They have various landing pages to choose from, and I know some affiliates who have custom landing pages at Omni Casino.

    If you have any questions, just ask below.

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