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Thank you Cake (again)

In December 2007, I wrote an article here thanking Cake Poker. The reason for that article was that they sent me an Ipod Touch as a Christmas present, just to show their appreciation of me as an affiliate. It was a fantastic gesture, and just made me promote them that bit more.

Well, a few months later and here I am thanking Cake yet again, and for an even better reason!

Back in June, I wrote about a contest that Cake Poker were running, where you could win a free trip to CAP Euro. If you’re an affiliate, you REALLY have to be at CAP. Yet unfortunately, I wasn’t planning on it. I’d already made a few trips this year, and having two kids it can be hard to get away. Well Shenaz from Cake Poker gave me a call last week, and asked if I had thought about attending CAP. I told her that unfortunately, I just didn’t think I could make it. Her response was “Well that’s a shame, because you won our contest!”

Well hold the phone a second – a free trip to Barcelona for almost a week, PLUS $200 a day spending money? AND an invitation to the Cake Poker dinner cruise? Well hey, I am a bit burnt out from all my recent trips…but I GUESS I can make this one! 🙂

So major thank you to Cake Poker for running the contest in the first place, and picking me as the winner. They have been my #1 poker room to promote for two years now, and at this stage I can NEVER see another poker room moving into that spot. Although Full Tilt if you’re reading – 6 months on a cruise ship and I might just change my mind!

Seriously though – thank you to everyone at Cake Poker for this, and especially Shenaz, who is going on maternity leave soon, and sadly has to miss Barcelona. I’ll make sure to have a few drinks in your honour!

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