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The End of Google Wave

One new feature of the new Poker Affiliate Bible will be the “blog” section. I’ve written some blogs on here before, but I’d like to make it a more focal point of the new Affiliate Bible where I comment regularly on going-ons in the industry or hot topics that are taking place across the forums.

While we work on the new affiliate bible I thought I would keep things busy here with numerous blog updates. The blog updates will generally be light-hearted opinion pieces.

For those unaware – Google Wave has shut down. I first read this on Andy Beals Marketing Pilgrim blog(which I suggest you add to your RSS Reader) and here’s the announcement on the Google Blog.

To quickly summarize – Google Wave launched on May 28th, 2009. They closed August 4th, 2010. They closed mainly because not enough people were using it or signing up with it, and so it wasn’t worth operating anymore.

While Google sugar-coated the cancellation of Google Wave, I can’t help but be impressed by their cutthroat attitude. Google Wave wasn’t working – so they dropped it. They didn’t try and put more bells and whistles on it. They didn’t do a huge revamp and call it “Google Wave 2.0”. They realized it didn’t work – so boom, it was canceled.

I think internet marketers can learn a lot from this type of attitude. Wave was one of those projects that Google considered one of their babies – yet they were able to dump it just a year after it had been live.

Too often we become personally attached to our own websites, or adwords campaigns and we just can’t let them go. I’ve got some websites that I really need to put a bullet into – they’re taking up time and resources, and yet not bringing in the income required for the work that we put into it. And I’m sure everyone reading this has some websites they spend time on that just isn’t working.

You can try so many things to change it around – a revamp of the cosmetic design, a revamp of the content structure, new buttons, new graphics, new content – but at the end of the day, a dead horse is a dead horse, and if you keep trying to work on it then it’s just going to frustrate you to no end.

Take those dead horses and sell them to someone else. Then spend the rest of your time and your actual successful projects.

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