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Are you promoting Poker Table Ratings?

Because if you’re not, you really should be.

Promoting poker tools and utilities are something that I feel a lot of affiliates neglect – and they really shouldn’t. Promoting poker software like Poker Table Ratings will usually see a much higher conversion ratio than promoting a poker room.

Let’s talk about why we should be promoting utilities like PTR…

When we’re promoting to poker players, it’s easy to forget just how much we are asking from the poker player. We’re asking a player to sign up at a poker room, then deposit money. If this is a new poker player the conversion may be easier – however we’re still asking them to trust an online poker room with money. Plus they may have to jump through hoops just to deposit.

If it’s an existing player it can be even tougher – we’re asking them to stop playing at their current site, possibly withdraw money – just so they can deposit it at a new poker room that we have recommended to them. That’s a process that can take a few days, and again there can be lots of hoop jumping.

That’s why promoting software and tools can be so much easier. There’s no hassle for the player and the benefits are clear. Promoting tools can also be very important if you are running typical low converter websites like poker strategy and poker news.

Someone looking for tips on beating $10 S&Gs or wanting to read up on WSOP updates isn’t looking to jump ship to a new poker room – however you know they would want to increase their skill level at poker, and you will see a lot more conversions with tools and utilities than you would a poker room.

Trust me on this – I’ve made a killing over the years promoting the likes of Pokertracker. It’s an even bigger sell if you keep a mailing list because it’s an additional selling point. First you get the player signed up for Full Tilt Poker, then you tell them that with a product like Pokertracker they’ll improve their game. This is a tactic that will work on practically every online poker player.

The current hot product is Poker Table Ratings.

If you’ve never heard of Poker Table Ratings then I’ll quickly summarize it: PTR is a website that tracks poker hands and poker players and how they play, then provides very detailed reports on the players. As you can imagine, knowledge is everything in poker and being able to go into a game knowing everything about your opponent is huge. Just some of the things PTR offer include:

1: A timeline of profits for the player.
2: List of all of their earnings, and a PTR rating on the player.
3: Detailed sessions with complete hand history.
4: Quick analysis of the player.
5: Hand replayers
6: WebHUD with practically real time view.

The things Poker Table Ratings offer are just amazing. Even more important is that they understand how to treat affiliates. I’ve been dealing with Lea Thrace at PTR and the service I am receiving is just phenomenal – very prompt and fast, and always willing to go that extra mile. PTR also do special offers for affiliates like the ability to add free trials for potential members.

Another big thing about Poker Table Rating is they know how to get their name out there. Remember the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet software flaws with the password vulnerability? Poker Table Ratings discovered it. Same with Cake Poker. They got their name out there with that and it has a lot more players interested in their services now.

Even more importantly – things like that build up trust and credibility, both of which are extremely important in the online world.

Poker Table Rating is a very sick service that will convert practically any poker player. It really is a tool that any poker player needs, and it’s very easy to sell. They also have a really good variety of marketing material, and I’m sure if you just ask they will customize some for you, or create some solid generic ones for all affiliates to use.

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