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TGIM: Outsourcing!

I’ve been waiting all weekend to say this:


Seriously. It’s been an absolutely crazy last couple of months for me. Getting nailed with Bronchitis for 3 weeks really put me off-track, then just as I was getting back into the swing of things I got hammered a couple of weeks ago that resulted in the two-day hangover, and put me off work for the whole week.

Then last weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada, so my Monday was spent with both kids at home. I don’t know what it is – but I find that when I can’t work on Mondays, it throws off my whole week.

Thankfully we’re back in the routine today, and I am pumped to work. So pumped that when I walked by my favourite Eggs Benedict restaurant this morning…I continued to walk by! Oh I was tempted to go get me some wonderful Eggs Benedict(they put bacon bits on top!) but the lure of work was just too much for me.

And here we are!

I’ve got so much work planned this week it isn’t even funny. It’s gonna be just the craziest week and I can’t wait. To Do Lists like crazy, and I’m going to take every single one of them and rip them to shreds. I hope most of you are feeling the same way – this weeks gonna be great! This weeks theme music:

Awesome Call to Action

I was reading an article on the new Jack Reacher book and I saw a great call to action that I wanted to mention here. Here’s a screenshot from the article:

The CTA is “10 banned books that may surprise you”. There are so many reasons this CTA is great, like:

  1. Placement. You can’t help but see it. It’s not something you’re going to treat as an ad, and become “blind” to it. If you’re reading that content you’re going to see it. Even if you’re just skimming – it’s bolded and a different colour, and it stands out.
  2. Informational. It’s not set up as an ad. It’s designed to keep you on the website. All you guys who cry about your bounce rates? Try throwing in CTAs like this every once in awhile.
  3. Relevant. It’s relevant in the broad sense that it is in-topic. That’s one reason why Adsense ads can work so well – because often they are incredibly relevant to the topic that you are reading.
  4. Intriguing. It’s actually DOUBLE-intriguing. It’s not just a list of 10 banned books – it’s a list of 10 banned books that may surprise you. How the hell can you not click that?


If you’re making money as an affiliate, there’s absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t be outsourcing.

A lot of people go overboard – they outsource everything, even if they don’t want to. They feel like they should for no reason, and most likely spend more money than they need to.

What I like to do is outsource the tasks I don’t like to do. There’s some content I enjoy writing, and there’s some I don’t enjoy. The content I don’t enjoy I outsource. Webmaster Tools took a shit and has 928 404s I have to 301? Outsource.

Outsourcing should be a big part of your business. It allows you to invest your time wisely. More importantly – it allows you to be happy. Being happy is key to any job and we have the freedom to actually do that. If you’re ever sitting there doing a crappy job that you hate – stop! Make someone else do it, and you can sit there and focus on what you want to do.

For example yesterday – I had to rake the leaves, but I wanted to watch football.

So what did I do? Did I suck it up and rake the leaves, missing the Patriots destroy the Cowboys?

Of course not. I outsourced:

Thanks kids!

Have a greet week everyone, TGIM!

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