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Welcome to week 3 of the analysis into the search engines, and how they are handling the changes we have implemented in the past few weeks.

I took some time off last week so didn’t have a report. You can read the Week 1 Report for a full breakdown of what was covered in the first week.

Here is a quick summary:

Week 1 Summary

  • and were 301’d to, and Webmaster Tools were notified of the change.
  • All 3 sites were still indexed. Google was ahead of the pack in terms of the indexing and search engine grankings.
  • Bingo & Yahoo was still a mess, especially when it came to CAB as it was still ranking that one high. AB was ranking nowhere for general poker affiliate terms.

What I Have Did Since Then…

Absolutely nothing. The last couple of weeks I haven’t been doing much work, as I generally take the whole month of December off. I was meant to do a fair amount of work, especially getting the backlinks updated, but yeah…I did nothing.

Let’s see how things are looking this week…

Week 3 Results

(Using a unique IP that has never used any of these search engines before so I don’t get personalized results)


  1. The term “Poker Affiliate” which PAB was ranking #1 for, now has at #8, a rise of 7 since 2 weeks ago.
  2. “Poker Affiliate Guide” has AB at #1. What’s really good is we have the #2 & #3 spots too, with the actual Step by Step Guide at #2 which makes me happy.
  3. and are still 100% indexed(except for the homepages) in Google. is 100% indexed too
  4. The phrase “affiliate guide” now has the AB step by step guide at #15 which is GREAT – last time AB was not listed at all, and CAB was #39. That’s a phrase I’ll ultimately have to optimize for because I feel a lot of my income can come from that guide.

So some great results there, while everything is still being sorted out. I’m very happy at the rankings at Google.

I should also note indexing and how happy I am with it: when AB started it was taking 1-2 days for a new article to get indexed, while PAB had new articles indexed literally within a minute(which is what happens when you have an authority website).

I noticed last week that any articles I posted were being indexed within the hour, so that’s a great step that I am ecstatic about, especially with me writing so little articles since the launch(hopefully will change that this week).


  1. Page 3 of Yahoo for “poker affiliate”, not in top 100 on Bing.
  2. #1 on both for “Affiliate Bible” with some inner pages ranking too.
  3. AB #1 for “poker affiliate bible on both”, nowhere for “casino affiliate bible” on either.
  4. A lot better indexing. While and are still indexed they don’t appear to rank for anything other than their domain name, and Affiliate Bible ranks strongly with internal pages for all keywords.
  5. New articles aren’t being indexed in either. I’m not surprised honestly – it seems that when you do a big domain change like this, Bing & Yahoo focus on all the 301s and indexing for awhile, and then after a month start indexing the new site.

Whats Next:

I don’t think I submitted the sitemap to Bing or Yahoo yet so I will do that. I also need to update my robots.txt slightly to help them and to block out the /go/ folder.

I also need to go around and get all my backlinks updated. This will be priority #1, and should really help when ranking for the Poker Affiliate related terms.

Finally I’m hoping to buckle down this week and write content. I’ve got a ton of article ideas but I’ve just not been able to really find the time.

And with that, I’m off to watch Home Alone 2 with the kids. Backlinks will have to wait till tomorrow!

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