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TGIM: Ditching the Distractions

Welcome to another TGIM – thank god it’s Monday.

It’s a beautiful Monday morning. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the hookers are still sleeping(I don’t live in the BEST neighbourhood), and I am ready to ROCK the work week.

Let’s rock this week together!

Link of the Week 5 Things I Can’t Believe Websites Are Still Doing

Cracked is a PHENOMENAL website. The core of the website is their articles, and they manage to achieve what 99% of people can’t: funny AND informative. Notice that everything they do is in LIST format too – these guys know exactly what they are doing when it comes to the web.

This article in particular was great, and something many webmasters can learn from. A lot of it won’t apply to affiliates directly – but indirectly it will, and it’s also something to consider when you send someone to other websites.

Take #5 for example – “Making me create an account for no goddamn reason”. If you’re promoting an instant play casino with a direct link to their flash casino – should you really send people to a casino that requires them to register first, before able to access the flash games?

There are quite a few online casinos like that, and it doesn’t make any sense to me. Yes in theory if a person registers they may be more likely to deposit – but if you’re an online casino, shouldn’t you let your games do the selling, rather than forcing people to register?

There’s a lot of great things in that article to think about, so be sure to check it out.

More Notes Programs

After last weeks article where I mentioned stickynote programs, Laurence who e-mailed me the following two great note programs to check out:

Remember The Milk

Both seem solid, as you can use them for your mobile devices too. If you’re still looking for a sticky note solution, be sure to check them out.

Ditch The Distractions

Distractions are a big part of life when it comes to working from home. It’s just so easy to be working one minute, then stop to go check out facebook or affiliate forums “for a second”, and get caught up and distracted for a good hour.

I’m sure many of you have tried various methods to try and stop getting distracted. Blocking websites, closing your accounts, setting a “specific time” where you can goof off or whatever.

I’ve found what I feel is a really simple solution to dealing with online distractions:

Use a web browser you’re uncomfortable with.

Take all the things that distract you like social networking sites, ESPN, Blue Waffles, Youtube, Facebook, forums and whatever else – and throw it all in a web browser that you’re uncomfortable with.

Remove the bookmarks from your existing browser, and even go as far as blocking the sites from that browser. Then the only time you access all those distractions are when you use a different browser. I use Firefox all the time and I absolutely HATE IE – so I keep all the distractions in IE, and when I want to visit forums etc I run that.

It’s not even just a case of having to use a web browser you don’t like. It’s that additional click. It’s so easy to quickly click a bookmark that you have on your navigation bar already. But actually running a whole different program makes such a difference. You know that when you run that browser, you’re basically saying to yourself “I’m going to be stopping work”. It’s a neat little mental trick that works wonders.

Try it!


Hopefully you’ve all heard of Nick Vujcic. If not, well here he is:

Don’t take the freedom you have for granted aight? Make every second count this week.

Make every second count.

And when you’re not making every second count, make sure that instead you’re rocking out with your clock out.

That’s how that old saying goes, right?

Also welcome back BIG DADDY COOL. No better way to kickstart the week than the return of Diesel! This week I’ll be running fully on DIESEL POWER~!

TGIM. Let’s rock it.

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